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Your Desire: The First Step To Freedom And Prosperity

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If you were sitting in your favourite café and someone just came up to you, smiled and said – tell me your biggest desire, the thing that makes your heart sing and your whole being come alive again. Share it with me now and I will instantly grant you the wish of having it as your reality. 

Would you be able to tell that person immediately and with great definiteness?

Or would you be as most adults are? Shy about their dreams, trying to downplay the whole idea and calling it ridiculous just because they don’t really know what they want or, because they don’t believe it can become a reality.

 Did you just shrug off that question as silly?

Did you have that thought – ” what a ridiculous thing to say! No one would ever come to me in a coffee shop with the ability to instantly grant my heart’s desire!”

If that thought ran across your mind even for a moment, you seriously need to start practising prosperous living because boy oh boy have you been missing out on the good side of life!

And while you may not encounter that dream maker in your local coffee shop, you can indeed have an encounter with – The One – who’s ever creating and giving life to dreams all over the world.

He is ever awaiting the day that you will stop trying to struggle your way through life and start being a dream builder in partnership with Him.

Your life is just about to get a whole lot better, thanks to this decision that you’ve made to check out this page and if you are serious about manifesting prosperity and freedom in your life, I am damn serious 🙂 about showing you how…

But you’ve got to know: What it is that you love… What’s your desire?

Do you have your desire map?

Most life and business planning tools tend to focus only on everything external. All the little tangible details that one might possibly thinking of, which is good and valuable as far as it goes.

External achievements, material acquisitions and physical results are not to be disregarded at all in our human experience and the process of goal setting need not be mocked for the sake of emphasising what a true kingdom lifestyle looks like.

I don’t want to undermine goal setting in your life and business but I certainly want to emphasise the importance of having your desire – and I mean your real desire – honed down and mapped out as early on in your quest for freedom and success as possible.

And the best place to start for us, would be getting a better understanding of what desire is…

What is desire?

Desire, contrary to popular belief is your personal invitation from Infinite Spirit to rise into greater freedom, joy, prosperity and goodness in life.

Desire is the very root of all conceivable modes of life. Without it, life could not be. Any and every form of expression implies the careful selection of all things necessary to go into the full formation of it, to the exclusion of all else.

In other words, a desire for that which is selected in preference to what is set aside; and this selective desire is none other than the universal Law of Attraction.

Many people have heard of this law and make great efforts to try and manage it or control it (most of the time in vain), because they lack a right understanding of how it really works.

How does it really work?

…Based on your desire, beliefs and dominant state of being.

When there is harmony and alignment between these, your manifestation happens naturally.

Getting them into alignment is where the real drama can be found because for most of us, our beliefs and dominant state of being contradict the very things we want to have in life.

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Choose to live from your desire:

Because society established some very discouraging beliefs and concepts around desire, the average adult has learnt to mute out their desires and many parents are still not helping shift these old beliefs in themselves or their children.

But the world has changed so much and continues to do so rapidly that it must come to our attention as parents, how much we need to start learning, understanding, and utilising the power contained in desire.

The emerging new economy that’s strongly funded by the digital revolution is calling us to be clear examples to our little ones and those we care about.

The old system of settling for things that don’t ignite our passions or sticking to jobs that we hate, is fast fading.

With increasing drops of employment opportunities, those of us who have taken bold steps to become digital entrepreneurs have huge opportunities waiting for us but there is only one way to ensure you don’t repeat the same old patterns of bondage, limitation, lack of fulfilment and that ache of emptiness inside: Build a passion business!

That means you have to hone down and design your lifestyle and business from your desire. That which makes your heart come alive and burn with great eagerness and anticipation of something far greater than you.

It is the only way you will ever overcome the social conditioning and self-imposed thinking patterns that have given you the kind of life you’ve got.

It’s the only real source of creative power that can fuel you all the way to the end and it is your direct access to the universal mind, which is where you ultimately want to draw all your resources, inspiration and guidance from.

You may have been discouraged to live from your desire all your life…

You may have been told it’s only for children and daydreamers.

That you need to be realistic.

That desires and passions are hobbies and cannot be relied on.

That desires are evil in some way and compromise your spiritual connection.

That desires are selfish and so many other justifiable reasons, which might still be very active in your life.

Back in the slums the idea of desire was unheard of and for a long time it was attached to a lot of pain and anguish in my life, but I came to learn the truth.

And the truth about desire is far greater than you and I can articulate with words. Bottom line is this:

Your desire is the best and fastest way you will ever attain true liberty, joy and fulfilment in life. It’s what will help you unfold your true destiny and rewrite the false one that’s currently stealing the kingdom lifestyle you were meant to have. I can show you how simple it is to make this shift and step into your authenticity.

After all, it is your desire that will enable you the effortless expression of your authentic gifts and talents.

And the good news is that in our world today and the unfolding future that our children get to be apart of, your individuality and authentic creativity is what’s being rewarded the most.

Humanity is awakening to the value of individuality and those who can tap into theirs are being richly rewarded.

So you see, this isn’t just about opening yourself up to dream again, this isn’t just about being passionate and proud of it, this is about practically creating a lifestyle and business that thrives in every way possible. You desire promises to get you that… if you are willing of course.

♥ What if you became willing to first gain clarity on how you feel and what you really, really, really want?

♥ What if you consciously lay out the intentions and the feelings you most desire to experience in your life and business before you embark on this journey of creating your digital empire?

I know it’s not the method usually taught, but I guarantee you, it is the way that will help you manifest increasing goodness and wealth in your life.

Deliberately connecting with your desire to consciously  declare how you want to feel as you make an informed plan of how your days, months, years, holidays – your life- need to feel and be is the first step to successful living. And I want to show you how…

The first step to living from your desire:

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