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Does personal development studies make sense to you yet you still struggle manifesting wealth and abundance in business and translating that knowledge into results?

…Know that you are not alone in this quest. There are many personal development students who claim to have gained spiritual knowledge yet manifesting wealth and abundance still elude them.

Being able to lead a spiritually illumined lifestyle and translate that great glory into business results and financial prosperity is something I am very keen on as are you, I presume. Why else would you have clicked on that headline?

As such, allow me the joy of sharing with you a great secret that will finally unlock your ability to translate spiritual abundance into visible results.

Today, many people are rediscovering the spiritual path that has for centuries been buried. Modern civilisation reversed the approach to life that once reigned our society. There was a time when faith was the way of life. Spiritual enlightenment and advancement came first and material success second.

Of course, you can agree with me this isn’t our current conditioning. Our paradigms today are rooted in worldly success as the true definition of a good life. So when we embark on manifesting freedom, most of us are taking on the spiritual path as an add-on. This poses great challenges to the awakened life especially when it comes to the topic of financial prosperity.

I think you will agree with me that it’s quite difficult to believe in infinite possibilities and spiritual abundance when you are worried about your business, lack of clients, the bills and your bank statement.

A common ailment that I have diagnosed among my clients, fellow coaches and other devoted students of the awakened life is this very topic. The internet is overflowing with personal development gurus and motivational training. There are many of us who spend a great deal of time gaining spiritual knowledge. Others even choose to teach it. But when it comes to translating that into physical health, business growth and financial prosperity, it’s an entirely different story.

I want to propose if you’re certain that you’ve been diligently studying, practising and working on your transformation, the missing piece required for manifesting wealth and abundance doesn’t lie in more studies.

It, in fact, lies in getting your priorities straight and applying the one secret I promised to share at the beginning.

But first, let’s get one question out-of-the-way. Be bold enough to find out if you have any active inner conflict.

Is spirituality compatible with material success and the so-called worldly life?

I wrestled with this question a lot when I started having spiritual revelations. It was hard to believe that such a material girl {a.k.a me}, could ever receive a higher commission.

I had considered myself an outcast all my life because at a very young age it was made clear to me that pursuing riches meant no entry into heaven. I made the choice to seek a way out of the poverty I was born in knowing that only hell would welcome me. So when I first came face to face with divinity, there was turmoil, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Regardless of how you got to this point in life where an awakened, spiritual path is what you desire, trust that manifesting wealth and abundance is part and parcel of that path. However, you need to stop making the spiritual path an add-on.

I am convinced that the spiritual path is the best way to manifest complete freedom and full spectrum wealth. It is the most assured way to bring about permanent success and prosperity that won’t include sorrow and loss. But you must first make a few adjustments in your approach to life.

You must reverse the perception you hold in this game of life. Rather than making the outer world the cause of your life conditions and state of being, you need to make the inner world the cause of your conditions and state of being. That requires you to make the understanding of consciousness a priority in your life.

How does one prioritise consciousness and what does this have to do with manifesting wealth and abundance in your affairs?

Any diligent student of the world’s wisdom traditions will tell you the one underlying principle the various teachers agree upon is that consciousness is the one and only reality. Consciousness comes first.

This is because you experience everything in your consciousness.
A brilliant example of how to understand the game of life that even a child can understand

After listening over and over again to a private science lesson given on the introduction of the big bang theory, my daughter had some inner conflict with what her teacher said. She asked for my help in gaining clarity and although I didn’t get the formal education on such topics, my understanding of Spirit and the game of life gives me enough confidence to make welcome any question.

Question: “ How can science possibly speculate that the universe has no edge while at the same time claim it must have a spherical shape? Is that not a contradiction? If there is no edge, yet I am to see it as a sphere, then what is outside that sphere?”

I sat with that question in stillness, this came as my response:

Answer: “I believe the scientist must be right in presenting that paradox to you. The conflict you have is because you’re attempting to fit the infinite into your little intellect instead of embracing it as it is.

The illustration of the universe as a sphere makes it possible for your mind to have a working image and thus be illumined enough to grasp these fantastic ideas. Besides, the sphere is the only kind of rotary motion that can naturally produce the complete manifestation of motion in perfect balance, which is what we know about Spirit and the creative process.

So it makes sense to me that scientists would perceive it as such. But as for the issue of having an edge and what lies beyond the edge, how would you and I ever conceive of something beyond that which creates all things in existence?”

In essence, however, we choose to describe the universe in all its vastness, we must be wise enough to recognise that even that is happening within our consciousness. We cannot perceive content that is outside of our consciousness. So a high-quality question isn’t “what’s outside the sphere” –  for once we answer that, then it’s still not really “outside” is it?

I can tell you, that answer led to her own inner clarity and further revelations, which produced a very deep conversation. Sometimes the little parental personality in me has a hard time believing such a tiny body could produce some of the ideas she has. I share this story with you because I need you to understand a couple of things:

The world you inhabit as well as your personal reality are constructed and exist in your consciousness

 More than that, everything is made of consciousness.

You are, you have and you do in accordance with your consciousness

Your physical body is the projection of a part of your consciousness. The kind of work you do whether you love it or detest it is an expression of your consciousness. Your finances project your consciousness at that point. The clients you attract, the quality of relationships you have, how much love you enjoy are all expressions of your consciousness.

So when you decide that total freedom and manifesting wealth and abundance is what you want, setting up a business and getting some personal development material isn’t enough to produce desired results. There must also be a shift in consciousness. Unless you change your state of consciousness, translating your spiritual knowledge into a tangible result is going to feel impossible.

The secret I promised that will unlock your ability to start manifesting wealth and abundance in all your affairs:


Take whatever steps necessary to heal your consciousness when it comes to financial prosperity and material success.

Too many of us are working hard, studying a lot of personal development materials but not healing our state of consciousness when it comes to money and material success.

The most predominant paradigm in society is one that gives a bad wrap to material success and riches. Have you truly healed your consciousness and money wounds?

As long as you still have active paradigms that conflict with your desires for manifesting wealth and abundance, your daily grind will only produce just enough to get by. Survival mode will still be the only reality you can experience and any business growth will only bring more burdens and less freedom.

Our modern society has a real chance of advancing and thriving in ways past generations never even dreamed of. You are on the frontlines of this spectacular moment in human history and your business {being an extension of you} could be the channel that gets you there fast.

Your children and loved ones perhaps stand the chance to experience the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to give them. You can truly make a difference in your life, your family’s life and in the world. But that full spectrum wealth won’t manifest for you unless you’re willing to renew your mind. Take on a different perspective starting today.

All the knowledge you’ve gathered for your business and all that personal development training can go to good use if you learn to heal and raise your consciousness. This is what I call getting a prosperity breakthrough and it would be my joy to give you a little boost along your spiritual path.

Here are a few tips to get you started. Commit yourself to a shift of perspective if you truly desire that breakthrough with the following:
Go deeper in your self-awareness with the intention of coming closer to the place where reality is constructed. Identify yourself as a powerful and deliberate co-creator of your personal reality. Identify more with the inner world instead of the world of objects Commence measuring your success by how you are personally evolving, not by externals. Perceive all things around you as the projection of your consciousness. As a mirror revealing the reality you are choosing to create for yourself.
So the more you choose to heal and create for yourself a consciousness that is rooted in truth and prosperity, the easier manifesting wealth and abundance becomes in the mirrored world.
The bold conclusion:

What all these points outline is a renewal of the mind that brings about a shift in identity. Not only will you develop a new self-image {which is very important in growing a successful business}, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your true identity.

From an identity that is centred on the ego personality with it’s endless insecurities and demands to an “I” that expresses consciousness itself.

Learning to heal your consciousness and especially your financial state of consciousness is one of the most powerful things you can choose to do at this stage of your life. Remember, the source of consciousness can only be found within you. Which means that you as a conscious agent are the creator of reality.

If manifesting wealth and abundance has been a great struggle thus far, you can break free into the kind of life experiences and success your heart desires. This consciousness-based approach will now empower you to overcome and avoid many of the common obstacles to success that keep so many brilliant people in awful conditions.

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