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The number one thing you want complete clarity on whether you are seeking freedom in your personal or professional life is this:

No other life other than the life you lead in your own mind is possible, thus your advancement and success depends on renewing the beliefs, paradigms, and concepts you hold regarding yourself, money, life and what it takes to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

The mind is either being renewed into the kingdom lifestyle or it’s waging a war against you and your desires.

What we have been missing throughout history is creating success from a foundation that is solid and aligned with the law of our being. But if you are going to establish real freedom in your life, something’s got to change.

It must be done through cultivating the right mindset and I want to show you how simple this process can be.

... And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

– Romans 12:2

In a singular statement – my entire approach to cultivating the right mindset rests on this scriptural text that has been monumental in the shifting of my reality.

What I believe will take you from just hard work and mediocre success into a meaningful and rewarding lifestyle comes from learning how to effectively renew your mind.

Many people today have gained access to books, pieces of training, processes, tools, and systems that have been proven to produce massive wealth and prosperity but it still doesn’t seem to be working in helping these individuals produce breakthroughs.

I also have no doubt that people who are religious or spiritual (those who have studied sacred texts such as the Bible and perhaps even memorized the teachings by heart), could easily answer in great details what the “Will of the Living Spirit” is for us.

We are at a point in time where our intellectual knowledge about creating a successful life is so vast and perfect, but what we are experiencing as reality is a far cry from that.

Whether you are filling yourself up with the know-how that’s based on strategy or sacred wisdom, you might be able to give me theoretically accurate answers on how to produce more success and prosperity but the big issue is:  

What’s influencing your thought life?

What paradigms are running your life, your money situation, your relationships and your dreams?

Eliminating the enemy of your desires through cultivating the right mindset:

You have an enemy in your life that works so hard to keep you stuck in fear.

Anxiety, worry, overwhelm, self-doubt and that entire family of stinky negative patterns are all actively working to disengage you from your access point and capacity to bring heaven here on earth.

My strong conviction is that the kingdom lifestyle is the life you were always meant to live. And that means bringing your version of heaven on earth into physical manifestation.

But the enemy of false thinking and ignorance has many of us marinating in ways of being and thinking that completely disconnect us from our source and the realm from which we are supposed to tap into, so we can enjoy full and rewarding lives here on earth.

That is the enemy that devastates and destroys your dreams and desires and although he cannot disconnect you from your source entirely, he can cause you to be like a dislocated arm that’s just ineffective and incapable of full functionality.

Want to understand the impact your paradigms have on your finances and relationships?


How poverty consciousness disconnects you from prosperity and the right mindset

Often I will share with my audience the awful yet silent misery and devastation poverty consciousness breeds within us all.

Just the same way a dislocated arm carries a continuous, silent misery; a mind that dwells in poverty consciousness is forever tuned to suffering.

Being born in a Kenyan slum and growing up in the bosom of fear and poverty, life has given me a very rich experience when it comes to breakthroughs and overcoming the enemy of the kingdom lifestyle.

I realized at some point in my life that I really was like a dislocated arm, still there but unable to function in the way I most desired.

We know that when an arm gets dislocated it’s still physically there but it’s pretty useless. It tends to feel more like a heavy burden than anything else right? Why? Because it’s unable to perform and meet the requirements and responsibilities that’s normal for it.

I was the same, always feeling constricted, limited like I wasn’t good enough like I had no value or no way of ever feeling like I could have power over my finances or my future

…And my heart ached for something better.

If that has been you in some way, shape or form – know that you are hereby divine alignment. This is no accident that out of all the billions of content out on the web today, you made your way this particular one where you and I get to connect.

This tells me that I must do my best to help you find the tastes, truest path to your freedom lifestyle.

The best place to start is by getting a better understanding of how your mind works and why you need to master it. Click Here For An Instant Download

Be Ye Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind

If you have survived life carrying that same feeling and a deep longing to become a self-sufficient individual, now is the time to make that your daily reality.

If you want to be free, joyful, prosperous, to live on purpose and to do meaningful passionate work, then understand that the renewed mind is the tool {the only tool} that can give you that breakthrough.

It’s not enough to gather information and I often repeat this to all my audiences and clients.

Information doesn’t guarantee transformation but what you need in order to make the most out of the information you do have, is a way of transforming your current reality. The renewing of your mind is what will make that possible.

Inspired teachings tell us that we must not be conformed to this world but that we must be transformed in the renewing of our minds, that way, we can prove the good and acceptable will of God.

What is the will of God? 


Let’s reference the most famous prayer in western civilization: The Lord’s prayer says ” Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Ok… so the “will of our creator” is for the pattern of heaven to be made visibly manifest here on earth. Can you see why the kingdom lifestyle is your true lifestyle?

Can you now see why lasting freedom, more prosperity, more love, and joy have been trying to get your attention through dreams and desires all your life?

You are supposed to prove the good and acceptable will of your creator and it is paramount that you understand that the renewed mind is the tool that can help you gain access to that heaven on earth reality!

Cultivating the right mindset is a big deal my dear one – this isn’t just about increasing your income {which will happen}, this is about transforming your entire life and the lives of your loved ones 🙂

In our modern age of science, technology and all things nice, the only way to thrive personally and professionally is through real transformation and that can only come through the renewing of your mind.

That’s what I want to help you accomplish so that your life forever reflects the real purpose of you being here… Let’s get started!

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