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Super Practical Exercises for applying the spiritual law of supply and demand

Where there is no demand rightly made, there will be no evidence of supply. 

This is a continuation of the spiritual law of supply which is basically one of the most fundamental laws of prosperity. Many of us strive to get prosperous results without aligning with this law which never yields much good. Here, then, is your chance to learn how to manifest a new reality.

Often when we hear the term supply and demand our brains tend to connect with human economic terms or something business related. But that’s a tiny portion of this universal law. Actually, the spiritual law of supply and demand is a natural law that each individual needs to learn as early on in their formative years as possible.

Of course having said that, I for one know it seldom happens. At least not with our generation or previous ones. Perhaps in future, we’ll do a better job imparting these fundamental principles to our young ones so as to avoid much of the anguish, lack and despair many of us have faced.

It is, for this reason, I laid out an introductory article of this spiritual law of supply and demand. Notwithstanding the fact that even in that article I only presented the mere surface of a very deep subject.

If you haven’t yet read through I would recommend starting with this before applying the 5 practical tips I’m going to be sharing today. By all means, I encourage you to keep digging through this topic so as to discover the field of diamonds awaiting you because I am convinced that inasmuch as all success principles carry importance, the understanding of this law will radically transform your current results.

The great secret underneath the mastery of this spiritual law of supply and demand lies in your consciousness.

Your life consists not in the stuff you possess but in the consciousness of that which you have.

Though we have the whole world and all its wealth, we can only enjoy what our consciousness permits us to discern. Our big obstacle, therefore, lies not in getting the object of our desire but in dissolving the walls limiting our ability to perceive and discern Truth.

How this is done in a natural and permanent way isn’t through motivation believe it or not. I know I know, it’s way more fun and exhilarating to listen to a smooth talker sway you with a deep sexy voice, pumping your blood up at the thought of conquering the world 🙂

But that won’t get you the discerning power to access your supply because manifesting greater good can only come through you – not at you.

Neville Goddard, one of my great mentors tells us that manifesting simply means displaying that which already exists. The mind is the connecting link between the spiritual and physical realm. And so it is through the mind our manifestations can become fully expressed.
Supply in whatever form whether health, money, a relationship, more clients or radiant beauty and youthfulness will manifest outwardly when we learn to align with the Source of my supply.

This is what I mean when I say, where a demand has not been made, there will be no visible supply.

In essence, the process for increasing your prosperity this year is very simple. You must make the demand and faithfully expect it to show up because the spiritual law of supply and demand never fails. We are dealing with an infinite universe, an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent creator.

Science has made some amazing discoveries this century. Discoveries that have given us the realisation that we live and move and have our being in an inexhaustible storehouse of riches and good. Yet we still have a hard time taking that intellectual know-how and turning it into the visible supplies we individually desire.

...Why is that?
The magnet can lose its magnetic power, but it can always be restored back into power by one who understands how to recharge it.

Think of a magnet that’s lost its magnetic effect. Has it really lost it or merely displaced it?

We know that in the hands of a trained engineer, any magnet could be restored back through electricity into a strong force of attraction and do lots of good.

Similarly, your mind is magnetic in nature. Over the centuries, we’ve weakened our magnetic abilities in relation to manifesting opulence and bliss. But that doesn’t mean it is lost.

We simply need to stimulate and restore it back to its full force of attraction. You can do it on your own or get help from someone you resonate with who understands the law and how the game of life works.

This is the work that lies ahead of you…

You must learn how to tune to the law of supply through making right demands for the good your desire. It is an art and a practice that you must engage in should you desire to become masterful over your life conditions.

Much of the work I do is centred around this singular concept of learning to align with the spiritual law of supply and demand. After all, the prosperous lifestyle cannot be enjoyed fully if one still worries, frets and gets overwhelmed by the topic of supply.

We seasonally open up our complimentary prosperity workshops which are one of a kind in that they are intimate and interactive, so you can get raw answers and guidance for your specific problems. Sign up for your next one here if you feel fed up of having a life and business that feels limited in supply.

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The 5 practical ways to apply and align with the spiritual law of supply and demand

Having recognised the wonderful impact this lesson will have on your life and business, let’s end this article with a few practical exercises to apply as promised.


Monitor your inner conversation and image making faculty
Everyone is ever carrying on an inner conversation and fashioning images in their mind throughout the day. Often where we are physically isn’t where we are mentally or emotionally.

Our minds run riot and there’s an ongoing inner war though one might appear normal on the outside. The shift from a path of struggle and poverty to that of prosperity cannot come about without harmony. And so I ask you, dear friend, to devote some time noticing the kind of thoughts, images and tonal voice most prominent within.

Carry a small journal with you for the next 48hrs and set a little reminder on an hourly basis.
When the alarm goes off, pause for just ten seconds and ask: What am I thinking, feeling and saying now?


Pay attention to the tone of voice in your head, the images currently playing, the emotions you’re having and the kind of conversation going on in your mind. Record each and everything you discover in this exercise without judgment. Simply observe what’s going on inside you.

If you do this exercise earnestly, you’ll be shocked at the end of that investigation what your journal reveals. Many of us talk about abundance, visualization and claim to know about the spiritual law of supply and demand but when it comes to daily practical implementation, no momentum is created.

Unless that inner conversation is permanently directed toward thoughts, images and feelings of supply, no outer projection can be formed.

Nurture your confidence
Neville Goddard boldly stated that man’s faith in God is measured by his confidence in himself.

That’s an alarmingly powerful statement which I’m sure it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. But enough evidence today has proven this thought completely accurate.

If you believe in yourself and your personal power, you can accomplish anything! This is by far the hardest endeavour for each of us but we must work at it until victory is gained.

I have an abundance of resources that can help in this process of reclaiming true self-confidence. This is a great starting point in case you wish to start with small baby steps. However, if you are ready to move mountains then signing up for our intimate and interactive prosperity workshops is what I most recommend.

Here’s a little starter exercise to help you nurture your confidence today and move closer into aligning with the spiritual law of supply and demand. It is also a great way to recognise how much the entire universe wants to nurture, love, serve and support you.

As soon as you awaken, set an intention and goal to specifically attract a particular colour into your life.
Throughout the day, pay close attention to all the different ways the universe provides this manifestation.
Before going to sleep, journal down in your little book of miracles and achievements, what you experienced. What in particular stood out and surprised you?

Trust me, I know this is a super simple game and your intellect may at first find it silly. But what you’re training your conscious mind into is the ability to reconnect to the creative process happening within you.

When you realise that you have the power to set intentions, make a command, think a particular thought and then have the universe reflect that to you throughout the day, you begin to understand the process of manifestation and your role in it.

Nothing is out of your reach or impossible when you assume your role as co-creator. The spiritual law of supply and demand exhibits itself powerfully with this simple exercise.


This is one of my favourites although I know as “adults” we are discouraged from indulging in such child-like activities. But you know what? That’s the problem! We associate image making with being “unrealistic and silly”.

Fairy tales are only for children and hopeless romantics like myself right? Well… I leave that response up to you but I will tell you that your dream lifestyle isn’t going to materialise naturally and gracefully without a very powerful and active imagination.

Losing control of your imagination is one of the reasons your desires aren’t manifesting. In the workshops, we always talk about the six extraordinary powers that you were born with and Imagination is top of that list.

My suggestion is for you to get working on activating and controlling this powerful gift for it is the golden key to your riches. Set aside your “adult” approach to the game of life. As Christ taught us, the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children. So try this on for size:

Pick your favourite mythical, historical cartoon or fairy tale character.

Make sure it’s a character that represents the abundance you desire to experience.

Wear as if an outfit this character's mindset and way of being.

The best way to do this is by consciously choosing to become them. Tell yourself that IS your story; that IS YOU. Your role is to become the role they play just like an actor.

Pay attention to how you feel while doing this.
 Can you notice any difference in your energy or state of being? This isn’t an intellectual exercise so you’ll know whether you’re doing it right or not.
Consider buying something that represents the characters you've chosen to associate with. Take notice of how you start viewing yourself over time and how others treat you. See if you begin to create abundance and a prosperous attitude toward what you desire.


Meditate on Divine Substance
Set aside a specific time each day to meditate on divine substance. Bring to mind the area of your life where you feel the lack. Know that as long as you “feel the lack” the manifestation will continue to appear absent.

So the work {and it’s never easy} is to stand in the midst of lack and perceive a fullness of divine substance. This is the main focus of my prosperity coaching, to be honest. It’s anything but comforting I can assure you and requires much boldness, which is why I love it!

Talking about abundance and motivating you is easy. Anyone who has watched the secret and read think and grow rich can do that for you. But can you show me those who are daring enough to step into a live interaction with you and believe in you until you can perceive divine substance? Not easy to accomplish.

Yet I tell you it is possible for you to fill every area of lack in your life with substance and tangible results. You just need a little help learning how. This is demanding aright.

Some individuals like mantras, others like statements of truth and others like to connect to something visual. This is something that must be customised to serve the individual soul, therefore, get to work and either get some assistance or figure out a way to practice this daily.

Write Yourself a check

We use this exercise during our prosperity detox which is a 21-day experience because I have found it works like magic. Creating that physical reminder of the intention we have set and the momentum we’re building tends to create that state of expectancy that’s all important.

Remember the supply only shows up in definite form when a definite demand has been made. When you write yourself the check, make sure you move into the right mental attitude. One of acknowledging that it has already been given to you.

The check is there to remind you that your name is already on that specific supply, so stop asking and start receiving. Did you get it?

Good, now go out there and write yourself a check that is so ridiculous and desirable that once you manifest it, you’ll know it definitely happened by grace and as a result of learning to tune to the spiritual law of supply and demand.

Here’s a parting reminder…

Make sure you include the services you’re going to provide for this check and each day, dedicate an hour to do some “work” for this payment.

Experience the energy and happiness behind this action and be sure to let go of any limiting beliefs because you may not have to work as hard as you think to receive that manifestation.

Ready to learn how to translate this spiritual law of supply and demand into tangible results?  Sign up for a prosperity workshop


Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui