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Many entrepreneurs have left their old jobs to build passion-based business hoping for financial freedom without first building a prosperity mindset…

Do you want to know why you’ll get to the end of this year with the same reality of financial struggle? It won’t be due to lack of action taken on your business. I’m sure you’re all in with that! It will, however, be due to the fact that you still don’t recognise the urgency of building a prosperity mindset.

The amusing thing about financial increase and the pursuit of a prosperous lifestyle is that many of us are very determined to do whatever it takes externally to attain our written goals. We are also willing to invest our time, effort and energy on the business activity itself but bring in the concept of doing inner work, or taking prosperity sessions – and the room goes quiet!

I mean who has the time for that? Maybe in future when I can afford it or when my business starts to make money…

Aren’t these common thoughts running through the mind while reading such articles as this?

Well, dear friends, a little advice from a fellow self-starter. Those thoughts that we often use to justify why we won’t invest in our personal education are the very culprits that perpetuate financial struggle.

I want to give you the gift of securing your path to permanent financial freedom and prosperity this year. It comes in the form of an open secret that nature keeps for us. Although many know about it, very few are truly able to access and harness the real powers of this secret. There are a few things we need to get out-of-the-way before unwrapping this little gift that will enable you to start building a prosperity mindset. The first of which is intended to make you more aware of where you truly stand when it comes to wealth and financial reward.

Is prosperity and financial freedom a matter of chance or family lineage?

The idea that being born in the right place, at the right time or being lucky as the cause of financial prosperity has been circulated in society for centuries. This is a belief centred in lack and falsehood yet because we have believed it as a population, we have cut ourselves off from the incredible potential power contained in each of us. Thus our experience of shortage and hardship continues to be the only experience. Let’s start changing that.

Take this quick exercise with me and don’t over think the answers, simply notice what you’re thinking and feeling:
Do you feel like being richly rewarded for what you love doing is a longshot? Is the thought of being rich making you uncomfortable when you think about how your friends and family will see you? Do you feel like earning more money is quite hard?


If so, become curious about this. Why do you feel like that? Where did that idea come from? Who taught you that and more importantly, why are you still choosing to cling to this belief?

In what way is this serving you today?

What do you suppose could happen if you started running on a new belief that says the opposite?

Letting go of the victim card isn’t as easy as one might think…

If this isn’t your first time connecting with my articles then you know I grew up in deep mud. Life as a poor kid anywhere in the world isn’t fun; but if that location is a slum in a third world country, obviously struggle and suffering are at a heightened level.

I am one of those rare breeds who always felt like things were not right. Living from hand to mouth, not having a bathroom or proper shoes somehow didn’t feel like my life. I have just always felt it in me.

Maybe it’s the fairy tale books that I started stealing at a young age that contributed to this, I don’t know, but it was in me! So I fought my way out of that commonly accepted way of life that my family had for generations inherited.

During my years as a serious professional hustler, my belief was that making money was the biggest problem I had to overcome. But as I started creating opportunities that could resolve financial poverty, I realised my demons were more than I could count.

Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui Building a prosperity mindset

A lesson on manifesting financial prosperity:

Many of us who grew up with pennies and no dinner table will excitedly speak of the desire to have millions. But the truth is there is a hidden fear around being rich or having those millions, which is why it never shows up. We say we want it, but internally we have active beliefs blocking that greater good.

I can recall having endless conversations with others who like me believed that wealth and prosperity was out of our reach. This belief was strangely comforting to us. I could easily hide behind this curtain of ignorance because if prosperity wasn’t within my reach then it wasn’t my fault that I was stuck in conditions I hated.

I carried around the victim card for years, always comforting myself with it, feeling like the bad situations that kept recycling themselves were simply beyond my control. This was my way of letting myself off the hook and avoiding responsibility for the quality of my life!

Inasmuch as I would constantly complain about my conditions and circumstances, I never really stopped to look at what had brought me to that point. Of course, if I am writing this for you now is because something must have changed – and it did!

I have been able to take my life from utter poverty emotionally and financially into the wonderful fairy tale it is today because I learned the very secret I’m about to share with you. But that turning point didn’t come about until I finally stopped feeding myself BS and took full responsibility for anything and everything that impacts my life.

The keyword for you here being: Taking full responsibility!

You will not successfully grow your business until you realise that only you are responsible for it. And the growth and freedom you seek, which is what building a prosperity mindset will give you, cannot be yours if you’re still dissipating your energy and attention on others who are supposed to blame for your conditions in some way.

It’s a hard thing I know. Often times we really want to just indulge in a little blame game or fault-finding especially with our parents, but I want to assume you’ve come across the famous law of attraction. As such, you’re aware that all is your doing and you alone must be responsible for all that manifests.

This is a tough pill for your ego to swallow because you memory would beg to differ but the empowering aspect of this knowledge is that now you are free to reverse, alter, recreate and produce whatever new thing you desire. If you’re with me so far and still feel strong-minded enough to uncover the secret for building a prosperity mindset, let’s roll…

There’s only one way to building a prosperity mindset that will produce permanent success:


Retrain and renew your subconscious mind

Almost everyone is aware of the existence of what we refer to as the subconscious mind, but true awareness of the extent of the abilities and powers latent within it or how to tap into these latent powers and channel them towards the fulfilment of a specific desire is still limited to the minority.

Building a prosperity mindset is only effective and powerful when one consciously does it through the subconscious.

While this is actually not a difficult thing to do, it does require a degree of faith, persistence, consistency and effort.

The dual nature of the human mind:

The great truth which hypnotism has brought to light is the dual nature of the human mind. Different writers have differing ways of expressing this dualistic nature of the human mind. Some insisting that there are two separate minds in a human being while others insist they are merely different functions or departments of one mind.

The confusion and hindrance that could come about if we spent time arguing about which concept is right, would only lead us further away from the truth and transformation we seek.

One thing we can be sure of is that a human being must be a single individuality for he/she to be considered a human being at all. Thus whether we want to perceive the human mind and the varying modes of mental and emotional action as separate minds strung together or as two departments of one mind, the result will always be the same.

The imagery that we will choose to work with depends mostly on what resonates. As long as you’re able to connect deeply with the wheelwork of your mental mechanism, the rest is just intellectual gibberish.

If you have worked with me privately or in a group then you already have a basic understanding of the mind and my approach to it. The illustrative imagery I use to help others develop a powerful working image for mind

mastery has been in use since the 1930’s and never fails to produce successful results. Of course, if you would like a little lesson on that, scheduling a free live call with me will be the fastest way to get some answers. However, let’s briefly elaborate on this dualistic nature of the mind and how it aligns with building a prosperity mindset.

An individual must awaken to the full realisation that there are three aspects of the mind worth knowing.
The outer mind also referred to as the conscious mind An inner subjective mind also referred to as the subconscious mind The super conscious mind also referred to as the Divine or Universal Mind

The conscious mind is what you’re using to read this now. It’s where all the noise happens, as it’s the aspect of you directly connected to the physical senses and outer world. That’s also where all the arguing, logical reasoning and analysis happen because the intellect reigns that realm.

The subconscious is your emotional, vibrational, feeling centre. In the Bible, the subconscious is often referred to as the “heart” and many times, especially in the new testament it’s referred to as the woman. So the feminine energy is the subconscious aspect of you as it represents the birthing or life-giving aspect of Spirit.

The super conscious mind is the universal mind and it would take far too long to try to give a logical explanation of it here. But if you can think of our modern-day computers and the Internet, you’ll get a good working analogy of this beautiful phenomenon.

The conscious mind would be analogous to the files contained on the desktop that you’re actively collecting throughout the day, the subconscious is, of course, the system software itself plus all the hidden files that one may not always see. And the super conscious would be the worldwide web 🙂

Ponder over it for a bit if you need to, it will sink in and then you’ll see why building a prosperity mindset requires access to the subconscious.

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Our studies of mental science will lead us to the scientific confirmation that the builder of our bodily conditions and all our affairs is the subconscious. It is in the subconscious that all the work is done and anything that isn’t accepted and impressed upon it cannot materialise not because the person isn’t worthy, but because the work hasn’t been accomplished.

Our subconscious mind governs, controls and directs all aspects of our daily lives. However what’s most astonishing is the fact that both intuition and intellectual studies have led us to the realisation that it represents a microcosm of the universe itself. Consequently, it has and is the access point to all the wisdom, knowledge, power, life-giving force and potential of the universe.

While our subconscious is all-powerful, it is always under the influence of the conscious mind. Always being guided, receiving instructions and directions from the conscious thought patterns, perceptions and agreements we make.

Hence if we are habituated in thoughts of lack, financial struggles and indulge in conversations that affirm how hard it is to become rich then for us it becomes impossible to meet our heart’s desire. If we still feel that money is somehow wrong or if we struggle with the feeling of guilt over being richly rewarded doing what we love, then the subconscious reacts accordingly.

It will create and attract financial difficulties, evidence that money is wrong and clients who aren’t willing to pay. This is why the great secret to building a prosperity mindset doesn’t lie in “doing more” with your business or going out of your way to become a master manipulator for your clients.

The work is within. As within, so without!

The more you work on learning how to shift your thoughts, control the information your senses bring in and practice prosperous thinking, the faster you’ll start producing prosperous results.

Manifesting prosperity is about deliberate action that requires both inner and outer work. Most of us can commit to the outer but few are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to the inner work.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t really care about success or failure. It isn’t centred on worldly possessions and status so it will build outwardly the bad just as easily as the good.

This is why Russell H. Cornwell devoted most of his life-giving his “acres of diamonds” lectures. He was blessed enough to realise that it is right for us to be rich. He said, you ought to be rich and that you could easily become rich in the same way you easily manifest poverty.

Your subconscious mind will react accordingly to the nature of the thought energy that it receives from your conscious mind. After being impressed it will go about incubating, building and nurturing that baby until it builds outwardly as a fully manifested form, just like we see in the process of pregnancy within a woman.

All that is needed, the conditions, influences and so on that correspond to the nature of that thought energy will by law be attracted to you whether positive or negative.

Here’s a big uncovering of this great secret:

The nature and state of consciousness you dwell in must become your own reality and your world.

This is why we tend to hear and see the “rich getting richer”. The so-called positive people tend to be the “lucky ones” while the negative minded can’t seem to catch a break.

What will you take away from this lesson?

It’s very important to remember that building a prosperity mindset isn’t just about taking massive outer action. There’s much inner work to do. A lot of cleansing that must be done to make space for the new prosperous seeds. But we must also learn about the tools that can enable us to retrain the subconscious.

To learn more about the tools you can use to do this or to get to know the superpowers you have that will enable you to master your mental and emotional functions, log in now while you still can and book yourself a little free session on the mind.

A great way to get you started on the path of building a prosperity mindset is by reminding you that your conscious mind is the key to transformation.
By training your conscious mind to consistently work on impressing the subconscious with prosperous thought energies you will easily find yourself being more than just “lucky”. After all, guessing your way into a successful business isn’t the best way to secure a prosperous future.

It’s time to design a lifestyle of freedom, peace, bliss and abundance. Bearing in mind that building a prosperity mindset won’t happen overnight, know that it’s not a process that entails suffering. If anything, it will take a relatively short time compared to the number of years you’ve been stuck in financial strain.

So reinventing your state of health, wealth, happiness and getting results that are exponentially better by the end of this year isn’t just a probability, it’s a guarantee once you start working with this secret.

How badly do you want your new results and how far are you willing to go to experience prosperity?


Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui

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