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Prosperity With A Purpose: The Opulent Lifestyle

Abundance and prosperityThe biggest gap we are struggling to close as a modern society is that of reconciling  material success or natural riches with spiritual ones.

For a very long time we have been leading lives that separate things of a spiritual nature with those of a material nature.

We have also done a great job separating the different aspects of our lives thinking that one had nothing to do with the other… Business is business and life is very different from business right? Well how well has that been working out for us in general?

I am inclined to say, not too well or at least not as awesome as it ought to be!.

So if we are going to be the generation that thrives and imparts better values to our children and the future generations, we’ll have to spend some time cleaning up some of the messy ideas that overpopulate our thinking.

The main one being that of prosperity.

It’s time we start bringing more harmony into our lives and businesses by releasing some of the misleading beliefs that have brought more harm than good.

If you’ve been struggling your way through life to create a better livelihood, I cannot tell you how important these particular articles will be for you.

What you need is a better understanding of how to manifest the opulent lifestyle; how to manifest prosperity with a purpose because that is the only kind that life blesses, protects and continues to multiply.

In the book of divine instructions we are given very clear directives:



This to me feels like a very clear description of the fact that prosperity and riches of all kinds are perfectly good and divine.

Anything you do or will ever desire is already approved, blessed and given to you when you choose to first seek and live from the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Therefore prosperity is in no way evil; riches of whatever kind, wealth and opulence are all perfect and blessed when they are not sought after directly for their own sake.

…What do I mean?

Seek prosperity for the sake of prosperity and it will always bear consequences that don’t please you long term.

It will either become a burden and imprison you or it will always seem elusive and/or temporary carrying with it lots of sorrow and frustration.

But if you can only learn to live from the ideas that I will be sharing with you on this page and choose to manifest prosperity with a purpose, life will continue to bless you and increase that opulence.

The kingdom and true righteousness must come first no matter what, without exception. When this is the case, the results or by-products will always be guaranteed and pleasing.

That’s the promise given by the principle of life and I want to invite you to test if this principle will hold good in your life. Reading about it, speaking about it and agreeing or disagreeing with my ideas doesn’t benefit your life one bit.

But if you make an earnest decision to diligently work at proving or disproving what I am sharing, then and only then will you truly know what truth is for you.

My intention is to help you increase your awareness, give you the tools and vehicle that can help you rapidly and effortlessly learn how to manifest prosperity with a purpose because it’s the only time you will feel confident and equipped enough to really make a difference in your world.

Prosperity with a purpose: Featured articles


Attract Abundance And Prosperity

The most common way we have all been conditioned into, for those who want to attract abundance and prosperity has been an outside – in approach. It doesn’t really matter who started it or why but it certainly matters a lot if that continues to be your current approach.

The truth is that you deserve to design a lifestyle you love and you deserve to manifest all the prosperity that you can naturally handle and maintain.

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Overcoming Poverty To Reveal Prosperity

Even with all your busyness, persistence and massive action, nothing will be as monumental to your success in life as the time invested in overcoming poverty consciousness and learning how to live in the active presence of abundance.

I have said many times that what we are facing today isn’t so much a lack of abundance in our affairs; rather it is an abundance of lack that we have somehow allowed to prevail in such great degrees that it appears to be the normal way of life.

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Sowing The Seeds Of Prosperity In Your Digital Business

There’s a common saying that you must have heard a million times over that says “Ignorance is bliss!” My dear reader, ignorance is what will kill you and keep you locked out of heaven indefinitely! 🙂

It is because we have been drinking and intoxicating our minds with ignorance that many of the evils in this world have taken roots and will continue to wreak havoc in our world unless we start striving for the kingdom lifestyle.

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