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2 Fundamental errors that poison your results despite your positive affirmations for wealth and abundance


Visualisation and positive affirmations for wealth and abundance seem to be the hot new thing in our modern society. Everyone wants to enjoy financial freedom and take part in the great technological advancements we are making but poverty remains a big issue.

I’m not just talking about the countless families barely getting one meal a day in Africa or India. Believe me, I am well acquainted with that story having emerged from that background. Actually, the kind of poverty I’m referring to here is one that might be poisoning you, dear reader.

Many of us don’t realise it {because it’s deeply ingrained in our consciousness} but poverty is the main cause of the dis-ease and unrest afflicting our species.

Poverty consciousness is a disease far worse than any cancer because few are seeking help to eradicate this evil from their livelihoods in a permanent way. To the naked eye, {unless things are so bad that you can’t afford basic needs}, it would be hard for anyone to tell just how inflicted a person is. But if you clicked on this it means there’s something in you that needs answers. And answers you shall get!

To the naked eye, {unless things are so bad that you can’t afford basic needs}, it would be hard for anyone to tell how inflicted you are by this disease. But if you clicked on this article that means there’s something in you that needs deeper answers. And answers you shall get!

The great hoax about chasing after financial freedom externally:

Financial freedom, especially in our modern society, is a desire that burns brightly in many a heart. The emerging digital economy carries with it new hope that humanity had long forgotten.

We are now able to logically map out how anyone from any background can design a life full of time and money freedom. The strategy aspect of this new way of life has been set into motion with more business ideas and blueprints being offered than I can count.

Each day there’s a new campaign, new sales tactic, new research being pulled out from the woodwork to help us all establish thriving activities. There’s also the uprise of positive thinking and motivation.

Affirmations have been promoted greatly and today more and more people are attempting to create life-altering breakthroughs by simply buying a business blueprint and stuffing themselves with positive affirmations for wealth and abundance.

While all these methods are wonderful steps toward success, they lack the master ingredient that will make full transformation and manifestation possible.

The time and money freedom we are seeking will never come as long as we continue working with certain fundamental errors. Two of the fundamental paradigms causing havoc in our lives are so subtle, only a mind that has obsessively self-reflected can be able to catch a glimpse of these blind spots.

I have been earning the right to teach and share these prosperity treatments with you for many years. After being so good at hustling my way out of the slum life, I found myself in this loop of manifesting large sums of money and dissipating it soon after.

There’s nothing more frustrating to a person born and bred in poverty than getting a taste of money but then constantly worrying it won’t be there tomorrow. Have you experienced that?

Well, then you know exactly what I mean when I say, as long as you lack the understanding of how to attain true freedom and bliss, any money you make will only lead to more bondage. Now, if you’ve just realised that you need more clarity and understanding on how to take back your freedom and power when it comes to financial prosperity, then pick a time that works for you here and let’s help you gain that clarity.

…As Tony Robbins likes to say, clarity and confidence is power!

However, what we are going to specifically unfold in this article will be in relation to your affirmations and the reason behind their ineffectiveness.

There are certain fundamental shifts you might have to make before affirmations can work in service to your dreams.

The trouble with most of us is once we come across some material that motivates us and reminds us to dream big, we automatically assume the solution to our financial struggles lies in a particular thing, product, place or person. At once we frantically chase after that “one thing” that will finally lead us to financial freedom.

Eventually, if we are smart enough, we realise it doesn’t work that way. So even with the positive affirmations for wealth and abundance, we need to be sure that we are utilising them effectively and building on the right foundation.

In scripture, we are told, For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Read Matthew 25: 29

Because we operate and live under the laws of mind which cannot discern good or bad, whatever your starting point is, you will keep producing an abundance of.

Think of it this way…

The one who has a feeling of wealth will be given more and they will have an abundance. Equally true by natural law is the one who has a feeling of lack will be given more of the same. And they too will have an abundance.


😲 😱!!!Which leads me to the first subtle blockage that secretly poisons your affirmations for wealth and abundance.

If your positive affirmations for wealth and abundance aren’t producing freedom and prosperity, this is probably the root cause:


The law of reversed efforts

…Also known as unwittingly lying to myself!

This is when there’s an internal mental and emotional conflict quite active that’s poisoning the desires and goals you’ve set.

The more you make your affirmations, the more you nurture the old state of consciousness. If you still don’t get why understanding the nature of your consciousness stands as a big deal, it’s about time!

 This common language article that even a ten-year-old can comprehend will help you get the importance of understanding what consciousness is and the benefits of reaching for higher states.

After facilitating for Bob Proctor and running my prosperity programs and retreats for some years now, I’ve come across too many people suffering from this paradigm.

Someone will say to me, “ I have studied Bob’s material and other personal development stuff for years. I have said for weeks and months that I am wealthy; I am prosperous but nothing is happening.

The law of reversed effort is devastating a lot of people. A simple illustration of its operation will serve better than long-winded explanations.

Suppose you came to work with me and I wrote you a prosperity treatment for finances that stated: ” I am a millionaire”. That was your desire and I excitedly held that light for you.

However, in asmuch as you seem to get into that flow during our hour together of being a millionaire, as soon as the conversation was done, you settled back into the true hidden feeling. A feeling of “lack” and seeing the financial goal as a big deal and something to be had in the future.

Outwardly you might tell me this is what you would love, but deep inside, you feel it’s “fake”. You know that you don’t really believe or see yourself having a million in the bank. But you wish to appear cool, so you stick with it and off you go with the affirmations.

Sooner or later, it will become evident that the only thing you succeeded in was increasing your awareness of lack. The keen awareness of how much you need and don’t yet have that million will actually push away financial prosperity.

 Every time you say it, deep down there’s a feeling of want, despair, not enough etc. This mental conflict would then become the very poison that continues to perpetuate your struggles and fears. Are you starting to get a sense of this?
Outwardly, it seems as though you’re doing everything right. Even your ego would be inclined to start pointing fingers. But if you really look within and self-reflect, you would catch that inner feeling founded upon the consciousness of lack.

This is where many of us get trapped and because we never take into account the inner world or our emotions, it takes many years before we finally neutralise this poison.



Lack of direct contact with Divine substance

I hope by now we can agree that all things visible emerge from an invisible source. The ancients prophets who seemed to enjoy poetically expressing this truth stated it in the following way.

By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

Romans 11:3

Modern science proves that we live and move and have our being in this indestructible, infinite energy soup and that the ether all around us is the starting point of all matter.

So whether you want to look at this from a scientific, philosophical or religious perspective, there’s no arguing with the fact that the only reason you’re not bringing into form that which you’ve desired is because you obviously don’t have direct access to that substance which condenses into matter.

Your mind is where all the magic happens. It’s the beautiful garden of Eden where all things are nurtured. Sadly, for many of us, Eden turned into a barren desert after centuries of false beliefs.

Today, your work and mine is not just to motivate ourselves into setting bigger goals. It isn’t about blindly using positive affirmations for wealth and abundance wishing it works.

Rather the whole purpose should be a deep intention of reconnecting directly and individually with that invisible substance that produces all tangible effects. It is getting in touch with our Source and the law of supply.

Theoretically, many who read this will say to themselves, “I know that!” And they would be right…

But unless there’s a demonstration following that which you claim to know, you really don’t know it!

You have great knowledge about divine substance and the process of manifestation. Perhaps you even know about the importance of tuning into the Source of abundance and prosperity, but if you’re not manifesting financial freedom; if a sense of overwhelming, inferiority and struggle prevail, then there’s much work to do within your mind.

The seeds of desire you’re planting are being choked off by weeds and toxic soil so all your positive affirmations for wealth and abundance produce little to no results.


How do you change this and neutralise the toxicity?

The answer is simpler than you might have been led to believe. The process itself is also so simple even a child could do it! In fact, only a child-like approach can successfully do it. But it may not always feel easy once you get down to work.

All the main work is done in your mind because that is where the grand design of the quality and conditions of your life are first shaped.

What you see externally is but a projection of work that was already done so why give much attention to the effect once you discover where the cause of your results lies?

The bold conclusion:

Emotions play a huge role in getting to know where you are and what manifestations are coming. It is the feeling and mental attitude that you’re in before you begin the positive affirmations for wealth and abundance that determine whether you will produce more goodness or more struggle.

✧ How much attention have you been paying to your emotions since you began reaching for financial freedom?

✧ Are you even aware of the dominant emotions you tend to have throughout the day as you think of and handle money?

These questions, when reflected upon, will help you shine a little light on whether or not you have been applying the law of reversed effort in your daily life.

This doesn’t need to be time-consuming, painful or difficult, especially once you know what you’re doing. Which is why I encourage you to take the first step necessary in mastering the art of manifestation.

Get a deeper understanding of your emotions and the role they play. I have created a wonderful digital book that can help you gain more clarity about the power of your emotions and how they impact your life and business.

As you learn to step into the right state while applying your positive affirmations for wealth and abundance, results will radically follow. If you found this article useful please remember to share with your circle of influence!

Manifesting financial freedom and prosperity is not supposed to be an arduous task and I believe after going through today’s article and downloading this e-book, you too will prove this truth in your world.


Janette Getui Bold Beautiful Blissful U

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