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Are we supposed to feel shame and guilt about having money or being rich?

I have searched for a simple understanding of how anyone, anywhere could become self-sufficient and independently wealthy for a very long time now. I found that many of the wonderful books and pieces of training available today are all good at explaining to me just how simple and possible it is for me to be financially prosperous, but few ever really showed me how.

The emergence of the digital economy helped me resolve the business and strategic side of this quest to be independently wealthy, but there was still one major issue – that old nasty feeling of shame and guilt around the subject of money kept lingering on.

Many years ago during my first ever mastermind when the whole masterminding concept was totally new to me, I found myself in a group with people from different parts of the world. During our mastermind meetings, which were set up by my mentor for us to boost each other, I realized it was very uncomfortable for most of us to discuss money.

In fact, often, in the meetings whenever money came up we kept saying things like “I don’t care about that”, “the money’s not important”, “those people are so materialistic it’s disgusting!” It seemed to be the gravitational pull that naturally carried us even when we really didn’t want to promote such ideas.

So I made a decision to seek a more money-conscious mastermind group and eventually started creating my own because I realized I would never attract riches into my life consistently if I was always backstabbing the very thing I claimed to want.

I know you too may have participated in such conversations prior to making your way to this lesson but henceforth, I urge you to cease from ever talking negatively about anything related to a rich, lavish lifestyle unless you wish to keep repelling it.

We live in a money world and it does us no good to downplay the important role money plays in our civilized society. Money is important in the position and role it serves and we ought to love and appreciate it the same way we do everything else that serves us. 

The missing foundational pillars that you need when seeking to demonstrate success and riches:

Most prosperity and success courses cover only 1 aspect out of the four foundational pillars that are essential for any individual to become wealthy.

I grew up in the heart of poverty in an African slum and my entire human existence had literally done nothing but affirm lack and struggle so when it comes to talking money and prosperity, you can be sure it’s a topic I most love.:-)

Before we can experience real and lasting prosperity, it is vital to dig a deep enough foundation and set up the right pillars for prosperous living. My conviction thus far is that those feelings of shame and guilt about having money or being rich are as a result of misalignment of the laws and process of manifesting wealth.

In other words, most of us are striving to build and live in skyscrapers that have been established on a 6inch slab foundation.

What I want to share with you today is how you can immediately begin to eliminate any feelings of shame and guilt about having money. In order to do that, we will need to give your intellect a bit more insight as to why you must proactively work on yourself as an individual.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

The process by which you design, interpret and experience life happens through your mind. Your mind not only has access to infinite power and intelligence, it also has all your memories and patterns of thought. Stuff that you have accumulated long before you had any conscious thought. And that is where all the problems arise.

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2 main reasons I am discovering behind our shame and guilt about having money and getting rich:

There’s probably more than two reasons but for me, these are the major ones that almost always go unnoticed.

False Identity
The majority of us go our entire lives never knowing that we are more than our bodies.

We define ourselves based on the identity, labels, and associations given to us by our earthly parents. Which leaves a lot of room for shame, guilt, anxiety and fear around money or success.

If you don’t know who you really are and what your true value is, it will be easy to feel guilty when lot’s of money comes your way.

I am currently working with a client who was born in Monaco. She would be called a Monégasque. Not too many of those around I can tell you. Born in lots of monetary wealth, she’s no stranger to a life of luxury. But she has always felt guilty about being rich and soon after inheriting her parent’s money, she started dwindling it.

All her businesses seemed to stagnate at a certain level and this rut eventually led to other problems. Now she’s learning to rebuild herself at every level and to rise back into the riches she once knew. But this time she’s doing it with the right consciousness because she’s no longer feeling unworthy of the riches that she was born into.

Agreement With Lack
This is a big one especially for those of us who weren’t born into material riches. Often times our minds are so accustomed to recognizing lack that as soon as some good comes in we develop inner turbulence. Either anticipating something to go wrong or hoarding the good we have in an attempt to “make it last”.

In both instances, the result is always devastating. The inability and lack of understanding as to where the True Source of our wealth lies are often the main reasons we often feel guilty about having money.

If you really believed and had an active contract with the infinite when it comes to wealth, would you ever be ashamed to deliberately ask for the money you know your life actually needs?

Often these conditions and behavioral patterns only continue to block out the increase that is trying to make its way toward us. So check within for a moment and see if either of these or a combination of both are in some ways resonating with you at this moment.

I mean it’s not rocket science. If financial lack is chronically apparent in your life, that implies your disconnect from your true nature.

Money and Family Values Conditioned into you during your formative years:

Like so many things we encounter in our daily lives, we develop many of our attitudes about money in relationship to our families of origin.

If you come from an abundance consciousness, then the paradigms stored in your subconscious mind are probably healthy for the current aspirations you hold. But if like most of us, scarcity mindset and a keen awareness of lack is what you grew up in, your subconscious will certainly not support any desire to be rich.

Anytime you think about being rich, your entire body will give you feedback letting you know that’s not in harmony with your consciousness. If you happen to come into the reality of more money than the set point your subconscious feels is good for you, that sense of shame and guilt about having money will follow you like a dark shadow.

See why things have felt so tough?

Riches are your birthright and there is no limit to what you deserve to enjoy, but look around your life – what story does it tell? That’s what’s active in your subconscious as “good” – for you.

When Your Money desires and Your Family’s Money Values Conflict:

What happens when we make or desire to make more money than our parents did?  What happens when we make less?  Or when we view money differently than our parents did when they were younger? 

Although this may not seem to be a psychological problem, it may cause a good deal of anguish.  As we find ourselves in different financial situations than our parents, tension may ensue.

Here’s another great example:

In our community for digital entrepreneurs, I met a woman who is doing really well in her home-based online business. She’s now up to a six-figure business in revenue from direct marketing. But as her business was growing, her anxiety, sense of shame and guilt about having money was increasing each month. When she reached out for me to do a prosperity program with her, she was at her wit’s end.

“I have never made this much money in my life and yet instead of sleeping more, going through my day in peace and bliss I feel more frustrated than ever”, she said!

She told me that she even dreads calling her brothers and sisters because she feels bad when they keep talking hard times while she’s making money in her sleep!

This is exactly what we mean when we speak of the importance of learning how to set up foundational pillars that can support prosperity. Especially for those of us who are modern mumpreneurs striking it big for the first time in our lives, we really need to make sure we also work on releasing some of these psychological demons before they destroy the fruits of our hard work.

So finally, let me share with you some of the basic exercises that I do with all my clients when they desire more financial increase. We did these same ones with both the cases I shared with you earlier. As we consistently applied our minds to the prosperity program that I teach, both individuals started releasing those old feelings of shame and guilt about having money.

The sooner you can do this well, the faster prosperity will come pouring in because it is good and very right for you to be rich.

Wrestling with the shame or guilt of having money is not natural. It may be normal in today’s society because of years of wrong thinking but it is certainly not your true nature.

The life principle/Spirit/God that created you and I is a rich loving parent. Look around you and see how lavish, plentiful and magnificent everything in nature appears. Why do you think you ought to be treated any less by Him?

I believe we are all constricting the lavish lifestyles and riches our creator wants us to have due to our ignorance of His plans for us. Our ignorance of His nature causes us to live like beggars even though all of heaven is available to us.

We live in a money world and as such, we are to learn how to use it wisely, thoughtfully and generously. But we are also to expect it to show up each day in abundance in the same way we expect air to show up.

Start dissolving some of those false beliefs that your subconscious is using to keep you in the poorhouse and go to work in the full expectation that a lavish, opulent lifestyle is yours.

Exercise to help you eliminate feelings of shame and guilt about having money:

Step One: Acknowledge Your Shame and/or Guilt

If your shame and guilt are manifested as financial lack, you might avoid looking at your bills, bank account or debt and believe it’s better to not look.  However, what you resist will only persist. I have learned that the painful way!  So find out exactly what you owe, how long it will take you to pay it off and keep track of how you pay it down.

If it’s debt, find out exactly what you owe, how long it will take you to pay it off and keep track of how you pay it down.

 Sure it hurts to look at first but just do it! You’ll soon see how empowering it is and that sense of dread will lose its bite.  Then make an intelligent plan.

Your mind seeks evidence for anything it believes.

Seek and you shall find. Your mind has no sense of humor, never forget that. Thus if you believe you’ll never get out of debt, you will always find “proof” or “evidence.” If you’re often saying that you aren’t good with money, you’ll live this out and manifest evidence to back up that belief.

The key is to turn these thoughts into their opposite and find specific proof of the real fundamental truth about your nature. This is why we do prosperity treatments. We bring both the reasoning mind and the subconscious into the new light.

What truth is active in your life about financial riches and getting rich? Is it a fundamental truth or perceptual?

If you find you are working with fundamental prosperous truths, stay focused on this and look for more evidence. Notice if you feel better writing down the answers. Using inquiry on your thoughts leads you back to peace.

Step Two: Investigate Your Money Story

❑What do you believe about your ability to earn and make money?

❑Write down at least three defining moments you had with money – both negative and positive. By this I mean those times when you learned a lesson – you had a challenging experience and it gave you a lasting emotional impression.

❑Write down the lesson you took away. An example might be, “I am not good with credit cards” or “I didn’t think about the future, I charged whatever I wanted.”

❑Then take that thought {the lesson} if it’s negative and not working for you and turn it to the opposite to find three specific examples of how that could be true or truer than the negative thought or belief.

Step Three: Forgive Yourself

Although this is the third step it is one of the most important when seeking a financial increase. Cleansing is actually the first step to prosperity. Life is a constant purification process.

When we bypass the cleansing laws of prosperity, we make it very difficult to attract effortless growth because we have not yet made room for the new.

Therefore, write down on paper what you feel guilty or ashamed about, and fold the paper up.  Put it in a bowl and light that baby up! Let it go as it burns to ashes.

Use this prosperity treatment:

Repeat out loud several times – I forgive myself.  I release the past.  Each day is a new opportunity to start fresh.  I did the best I could at the time and now I know better.  I now let go of worn out things, worn our conditions and worn out relationships. Divine harmony is now established in my finances and in my world. I let go and trust.

It’s important to forgive yourself and release any feelings of shame and guilt about having money. Shame is a focus on the ego-self. Shame comes from believing you were bad. This is where the “I’m not worthy” belief comes from.

Dr. Brené Brown says that shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we are not good enough and the best antidote is empathy. Shame grows when you stay silent, you judge yourself harshly for your mistakes and believe you’re bad, but you keep it secret.

Guilt is also a focus on the ego-self but with a tiny twist. You believe your actions were a mistake and that you are not bad. Yet you still feel powerless over your choices.

How can you begin to be more compassionate with yourself? 

Find someone you trust and share your shameful money story.  You want a compassionate witness.  Sharing your shame with them will allow you to release the emotional hold it has on your life.  You only need someone to listen and not necessarily give you advice unless you ask for it.


Underneath most of our feelings or shame and guilt about having money is the belief – “I am not worthy.”   These thoughts cost us our joy and they take us out of our prosperity game – in life and in work.

Get curious about your hidden patterns of thought and your dominant beliefs. Your freedom is waiting on the other side.

Here’s another golden statement to use on yourself as you work on reconditioning your conscious and subconscious mind.

I am rich, bold and blissful and every phase of my life is in divine order now.

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