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Develop a positive money consciousness Janette Getui
Prosperity and ideas of financial success do not form on their own! You have to choose the thoughts, design the dream and cultivate a positive money consciousness.

The process itself is pretty simple but heck is it hard to do on a consistent daily basis! Have you noticed?

If like me you grew up in crappy, poverty filled environments then you know how hard it is to intentionally focus on the right thoughts, images and feelings when it comes to money. And yet, unless we faithfully, diligently and persistently do it, the old and familiar patterns will keep destroying our seeds of prosperity.

Get as much motivation and success training as you like but make sure you’re not lying to yourself about manifesting greater spiritual and financial freedom.

For more liberation to occur financially, you need to develop a positive money consciousness. And of course, for more spiritual growth, you need enlightenment and continued spiritual nourishment. Both these things compliment each other and you can attain both simultaneously if you have the right support structures in place. However, they seldom happen for many personal development students.

The more you wish to touch lives and make a difference, the more you should desire great riches because, without money, your physical reach is limited. 

Since money is a big part of enjoying the full human experience in our society, I think it wise that you give a little time and attention to this topic as it could be what your life and business need right now.

Whichever area of expertise your digital business calls you too, there must be a cultivation of a positive money consciousness. Unlike the traditional business model, technology and the internet call us to play a different game. In many ways, it’s a more liberating and richly rewarding game. But we stand to experience lots of anguish and frustrations if we’re not working with newly enhanced mindsets that can align with the game of digital entrepreneurship.

If you consider the fact that long before digital businesses and technology we still had trouble connecting with financial abundance, what makes you think it will automatically shift for you merely because you’ve switched careers? No dear one… The shifts we must make require a double-edged sword.

 There is a secret psychology to money. Most people don’t know about it. That’s why most people never become financially successful. A lack of money is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of what’s going on inside you.

T. Harv Eker.


When was the last time you checked yourself to find out how you really feel about money?

We all know how important it is to get good at producing financial abundance but we lack clarity on how to practically do it. I strongly believe that every hard-working individual deserves to be living their ideal lifestyle with as much luxury as they desire but that requires more than strategic planning and saving.

In fact, the one thing most dependent on your financial freedom this year is your ability to practice prosperous thinking and to acquire a positive money consciousness.

Are you aware of the difference between prosperity consciousness and money consciousness?

They don’t mean one and the same thing you know. Prosperity is more than just money. Leading a prosperous lifestyle is about experiencing full spectrum wealth. Which means thriving in all the key areas of your life. So when we speak of having a prosperity consciousness we mean becoming wealthy, healthy, happy and in harmony with life in every way.

Money consciousness is specifically focused on acquiring the right thought, beliefs, attitudes, habits and emotions around money. It is becoming an individual who is aware of the financial needs inherent in your daily life and producing that which you need naturally.

Aside from gaining the spiritual understanding of manifesting money, we must also increase our financial intelligence. In so doing, we become masters rather than slaves to this all important subject.

Developing a positive money consciousness isn’t necessarily focused on becoming rich but it almost always leads to it since gaining awareness on how to attract, maintain and steward money properly always generates an abundance of it.

A huge portion of the population still lives consumed by the belief that there’s not enough money. Many of us are so deeply rooted in a scarcity mindset we barely leave room for anything else. So many of our modern diseases are in some way shape or form brought to life by money problems and emotional sufferings related to money.

Hence if like most sane people you desire more financial freedom developing a positive money consciousness is a crucial first step toward that attainment.

The burning desire to become independently wealthy and creating my self-sufficient lifestyle has been an inexorable force that’s been able to withstand some terrible storms.

The second most frequent question I get from a new client or friend is always “ Janette, how did you manage to come this far on your own? Is it normal for African children from the slums to reinvent their lives to this extent?”

It’s hard for me to give a logical answer to that. Partly because I don’t believe I am the only exception and there’s nothing logical about the results I’ve been able to produce. In my heart, I feel there are many others just like me who refuse to die poor regardless of location. But the main reason I always pause when answering this question is because I know in my heart, this rise into grace and glory didn’t come from my overly ambitious personality. Yes, my ego plays a very important role, but she didn’t do any of it on her own.

What made the difference in results however when we observe others in similar situations who are equally ambitious and hardworking is the fact that my ego reached a point of enlightenment. She realised becoming self-sufficient and wealthy required something more. It required a shift in consciousness and a renewing of my mind.

What my experience has taught me thus far is most modern gurus aren’t able to effectively aid us in shifting our consciousness. Especially if coming from a very poverty filled environment, there’s a dire need for you to combine both intellect and insight.

The head and heart must reconcile and unify so you can have strategic blueprints and cultivate a positive money consciousness.
It’s not supposed to be an “either, or” scenario as most believe. Without actively working on the latter, attracting an abundance of financial wealth and the prosperous lifestyle will be like trying to lay salt on a bird’s tail.

So how can you start to cultivate a positive money consciousness?

In a continued version of this article, I will be sharing 3 very powerful processes that you can apply to start expanding and developing your money consciousness. But for now, I invite you to join us for the next interactive prosperity workshop that we are having assuming you’re fortunate enough to be reading this when we’ve opened the seasonal interactive workshops that take place online.

 Sign up while you still can and bring all your major concerns and obstacles if you dare to be bold enough to demand financial prosperity from this rich universe.

In our prosperity courses, masterminds and coaching programs we always work on all key areas of life so we can manifest full spectrum wealth. However, our complimentary workshop gives you a unique opportunity to bring your specific problem into an environment where live solutions and breakthroughs shall be yours to behold.

If spiritual and financial freedom means something to you then I look forward to sharing a very powerful hour with you online.

Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui

Here’s a parting thought to contemplate as you move forward with your life and business:

Learning to cultivate a positive money consciousness is something you’ll have to do on your own. No school teaches this and it certainly won’t come by default give the low standards society has set up.

There’s no shortage or lack of money. That’s not where the problem lies for you and the business activities you engage in will just as easily produce all the riches you desire as long as you are in alignment with the law of supply. The big issue for us is getting in tune with the prosperity secrets that make it possible for us to cultivate a positive money consciousness.

Since our matured patterns of thought have dug deep roots of negative money consciousness, manifesting riches is a big battle. Yet regardless of the depth the false roots in our consciousness, we have the power and ability to reinvent ourselves and restore our prosperity consciousness into its rightful positions.

The laws governing our wellbeing and success play no favourites.

As we do the work and align with our true nature, results must surely follow. The sooner you learn about and tune back to the frequency of your true nature, the sooner you will dwell in a positive money consciousness and enjoy as much abundance as you can handle.

The method is always simple but not always easy which is why prosperity classes are so essential. While the follow-up article will take you through some processes to help you shift your money consciousness, take a moment now to silently question the kind of relationship you presently have with money. 

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Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui