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money is spiritual here's the missing link needed in your business

Money is spiritual but do you as an entrepreneur really believe that?

For many centuries most rich people have been portraying an image that questions whether money is spiritual or not. The successful, ambitious individual started walking around with a very serious mask on, never revealing the secrets behind his riches. Those observing from the outside read this as the best means to attain success.

We’ve believed to be successful and rich requires everything but ease, joy and faith. The false beliefs around money that seem almost impossible to shake off have their origin from these misperceptions conveyed upon in society. Thus even though you have chosen to step into your greatness as a modern entrepreneur, producing the financial freedom you hear most online gurus talking about won’t happen until you first reconcile your beliefs around money.

Moving from knowing about the truth of money to demonstrating it in life and business.

Most of us can repeat with great accuracy much of the information gathered around wealth and success. We’ve all heard the teaching that money is spiritual and not physical. But how much of that statement do you really believe?

With an increasing number of people getting mentorships, following gurus and attending seminars, there’s certainly no lack of intellectual know-how when it comes to understanding prosperity. Yet the struggle doesn’t seem to end despite all that reading and studying isn’t it?

Often I will make a new friend and client who knows way too much when it comes to self-help. Name any great book or material around self-awareness and spiritual growth – they’ve gone through it. But when we take a look at the level of joy, balance, love, health and opulence they’re enjoying on a daily basis, there’s a huge gap.

There comes a moment when we must all make the decision ” I’m going to move from just knowing about Truth and instead have my life reflect it.”

Can money and spirituality be compatible?

I won’t go into the many limiting beliefs you hear in conversations worldwide around money. Not even the highly misinterpreted teachings given in scripture. I have no doubt you know them all to well. At the core of all the various limiting beliefs around money is this false foundation.

A fundamental belief in duality as the ultimate reality. As long as the human civilization believes in two originating powers, the mind will continue to struggle and suffer.

The conflict that happens when we find out that money is spiritual comes from the belief that money and spirituality don’t mix. For that same reason business and life have been fragmented. So everyone is scattering their energies trying to create success in separation which means the human willpower is given the burden of performing an unnatural task.

Indeed willpower can be exerted enough to produce some results but they are always going to come at a great cost. As soon as you relax and take your hands off them, everything crumbles. This is the real cause behind the money loses we often experience. I should know a thing or two about amassing financial prosperity and then quickly dissipating it.

The truth is unless we consciously change the foundation upon which our money idea rests, it’s going to be tough creating financial abundance in this lifetime.

Could your business be sabotaged by some of these feelings?

Feelings of guilt when you do make money.

Fear of charging the price that you feel is right.

Lack of trust within your team as well as the people you serve.

Jealousy, competition and an inability to celebrate the success of others when they manifest great results.

Absolutely yes… In fact you may have been doing everything else right to get your business off the ground but if you’re inner world is going through these experiences then your outer world will produce lots of roadblocks.

Given the fact that your mind always seeks to protect you, keeping money at a safe distance will be in its best interest because you have conditioned yourself into attaching money with negative emotions.

In this article I want to give you a new perspective that will not only anchor in the knowing that money is spiritual but also offer clarity on the approach you must have with your business.

Money and Intention have become enemies. So how can businesses ever sustain themselves?

What most entrepreneurs seem to have forgotten is that whatever business activity they have chosen needs to be there to enhance human well-being in some way. It isn’t just for the sake of the profits and certainly not to grant you permission to control others.

If you have started your entrepreneurship with these intentions, then expect corresponding consequences because nature cannot be deceived.

Your intentions determine the quality of the experiences you manifest. If your money and business produce the experience of disharmony, struggle and lack of joy it is only because of the driving intentions behind them. Anything that is successful must be useful in some way. It must also be carrying the right intention otherwise pain and sorrow will follow.

The reason riches have been so attached to pain and sorrow in the past was because human beings had not yet evolved in their understanding of life to recognize how reality is manifested.

In our blind ignorance where we see everything as separate, money has been orphaned. It has been taken away from it’s true parents and given to the hands of a false master where only exploitation and misinterpretation could arise. The best business strategy you could ever make is to ensure that your business intentions and money intentions are very clear and in complete alignment. If you do that well, the flow and growth of your business will radically improve.

To start living from the truth that money is spiritual, let’s establish this fundamental belief:

There is only one reality and one All-originating Principle Power. We like to refer to this Principle Power as Spirit. Out of Universal Spirit all things have manifested including matter. Duality is not the ultimate reality and therefore it makes no sense even to the logic to consider money as anything other than spiritual.

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You and I are spiritual ideas made manifest. The highest form of creation. A bird, stone, tree, chair, shoe, money are all spiritual ideas made manifest either directly through nature or through human invention. Mankind having invented something doesn’t make that thing any less spiritual than all other things in nature. The very power that gives us the ability to invent or make something is the one and only Source.

Hence it’s not a question of whether money is spiritual or not, rather it’s a question of how developed we are as mental beings to produce, enjoy and relate to money wisely.
Mankind’s economy is a miniature version of the universal economy.

We often act as rebellious teenagers, thinking that with the little knowledge our intellect has grasped we know it all!

Actually, an entire lifetime of obsessive, devoted studying would still make us nothing but mere infants in an infinitely intelligent universe. So the first step to your financial breakthrough must begin with a very sobering awareness that we don’t know anything. Much of what we think we know are tiny droplets in an ocean of knowledge. Thus we’re better off switching to receptive mode in order to grow in understanding.

The breakthrough perspective:

Money is spiritual just as all things in creation. The spiritual idea that it’s meant to serve obviously plays an important role in our planet. Just as the physical body runs on it’s own economy, the entire cosmos does the same and so it should be no different for the human economy.

The only difference is that you’ve already surrendered to that truth when it comes to your body. You allow your body to follow the natural order of things. Unless one dwells in a negative consciousness, little effort on our part produces this magnificent activity we call the human body.

Our blood can be symbolically viewed as the currency of the physical body. I’ve never seen any healthy person going around town scrambling for blood. Have you? But I do know we all enjoy nourishing ourselves with a little food and activity, which ensures the body produces all the blood and nutrients it needs. In other words, taking our blood as the symbol for money, how successful would you be at maintaining optimum health if you spent most of your time focused on “getting” more blood?

I think we can all agree that physical health happens best when we focus more on our part of the equation and allow Spirit to do His. Our part is always most enjoyable, unless you’re working with false beliefs.

Good food, enjoyable exercise, ample rest, relaxation, fun, intellectual stimulation and emotional stability is all we need do. Somehow, the body knows just how to take in these experiences and turn them into nourishment and sustenance.

Nowhere in that statement did the term “get blood” come into play. And yet, it’s what the physical body manifests to maintain that healthy state. So we see that the activities we perform for our bodies do manifest the by-product needed for it’s economy. And these activities are all:

  1. Enjoyable.
  2. Natural to us.
  3. Intended for the greater good of the entire body system.
Let’s bring this into the body of your life… The comfortable expansion and experience of life cannot happen without money right?

But this life isn’t just some random act. There’s a perfect, orderly unfolding ever taking place that follows natural laws. For us to manifest and maintain the same health in our affairs, there are certain activities we must engage in.

Taking an example of financial health, the only way you and I will enjoy great health in this department is by learning how to engage in the activities that will create a by-product called money. Activities that are:

  1. Enjoyable.
  2. Natural to us.
  3. Intended for the greater good of the entire body system {planet Earth}.

Could it be any simpler? Yet everyone is still arguing for their limitations and old paradigms. Argue all you want but struggle, worry, pain and separation of money from its true roots will not give you financial health.

Once you understand money is a spiritual idea and that Spirit’s creative process is never complete until a spiritual idea manifests into form, you’ll open the gates to attract more financial prosperity into your life.

Diving deeper into the knowing that money is spiritual


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As with all matter, in dimensions higher and lower than the third, money is not found. But, as a multi-dimensional being, you live in the third dimension where money exists as a means of energetic exchange within Creation for the purpose of perpetuating more of itself. Spirit is its own power source, perpetually seeking freer fuller expression in that direction.

As long as you are in this human experience the metaphor that money represents is an inseparable part of living in a third dimensional state of consciousness and it’ll always be so, unless one wishes to live like an animal or be totally dependent on others for their basic needs.

When in the physical body, no human escapes vocation…Many spiritual teachers/gurus are masters in marketing higher consciousness, attracting devotees happy to handle the third dimensional aspect of their vocation for them. The beggar begs, the spiritual teacher markets concepts, the student studies, the artist expresses… Everyone works at something.

Your chosen activity is therefore destined to produce a lucrative channel for prosperity as long as you don’t mess it up.

Dependence on others is not interdependence {the natural order of things}. Though the true teacher teaches out of compassion and not for money, he or she realizes money is part of the package of being human and does not oppose it, therefore it flows freely. Even the honeybee and the flower have a symbiotic relationship, the flower bearing the pollen for the bee to cultivate..

It’s time you learn to handle your financial flow. No one is asking you to figure it all out on your own. The Universe is synergistically offering you abundance and means now, in this moment. In the third dimension, it takes collaboration to grow something big and self-sustaining.

The missing link:

Too many entrepreneurs and awakened individuals are suffering from poverty and serious financial disease. As stated earlier money has been attached to falsehood and a belief in separation. What once started as false ideas have taken on a life of their own. But if you have studied or worked with me in any way then you understand the importance of awakening to a higher consciousness.

The Christ consciousness that sees beyond duality and separation is what we need. As we live from this truth it will become natural to see that our businesses are blessed to thrive because we all deserve to enjoy financial health. Money is spiritual, it can be no other way.

The missing link needed in our lives and business is this: We must transcend the paradox by accepting and living our lives from both the physical and non-physical aspects of our nature.

We must therefore learn to give freely of ourselves in the form of time, talent, skills, knowledge as well as money. This opens up the opportunity for others to give to us. We also accept gifts from others and charge prices for material products ensuring that we view no avenue more or less holy or “spiritual” than the other. Giving is receiving is giving…


Baby steps for building a business and mindset that attracts true riches:

In the third dimension, Doing is the physical expression of the Being. So go creatively do your thing! Launch exchange systems where money is not compulsory, if that is your calling. Create products and services with great prices if that’s your calling. Do not wait for an invitation. Allow the creativity and the money to flow.

Giving and receiving is the Universe in perfect balance, meaning you are in perfect balance. If you don’t wish to handle the busywork of money once you receive it, delegate it to those who enjoy it. The fun of receiving money is not in furthering accumulation, but in the joy of giving it away again! Now I would love to hear what you believe so leave your comments below. Do you feel money is spiritual?