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Janette Getui is a self-made internationally published author, speaker and transformational leader. Her journey from the depths of physical and mental poverty having started from the slums of Nairobi Kenya has enabled her to be one of the foremost practical New Thought teachers and visionary. Her experiences and hard learned lessons in life are the basis of all the teachings behind her mental healing and teachings.

Although she has created the opportunity to meet, learn and work with some of the best minds in the world today in the world of human potential and mental science, she believes that her well structured and principle-based work is all the more impactful for those she works with because she’s combined her self taught and tested practices with the formal theory that you find many teaches in her similar field promoting.It goes without saying that she really knows what “practically works” when it comes to generating new results and shifting realities.

Janette’s message continues to grow each day as she touches more and more people internationally through the gift of the internet and she looks forward to sharing more about herself, her journey and all the cool open secrets of the universe that she has discovered can help anyone, anywhere create a thriving lifestyle. Janette currently lives on the Italian Riviera and if you would like to know more about her please visit our main website at

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