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The daily disciplines for manifesting wealth and prosperity that every awakened entrepreneur needs

Ever wondered why all the personal development stuff you’ve done doesn’t amount to the level of freedom and success you desire?

This might sound familiar to you…

“I’ve done the work for the last ten years. I write out my affirmations each morning and do my visualization and meditation every single day. I think I’m not yet manifesting wealth and prosperity because I first need to have…X… in my business, right?”

So not right!

Whether or not you’ve been religiously visualizing and using your affirmations card, the results you seek could be greatly hindered if you do not understand the importance of holding yourself accountable in your daily routines.

…Share with us your secret to success dear guru!

Isn’t that what everyone is always asking their guru?

It seems that we are moving from the phase of life where we are too afraid to dream into the phase where we want someone else to share the “one size fits all” secret to manifesting wealth and prosperity. This just won’t happen not because the guru is wrong, but because your success and prosperity is yours and yours alone.

You are the one possessing the gold-mind and the best anyone can do is share their testament so you can continue building your faith and moving toward your dream.

However, there is one crucial point to bear in mind.

Consciousness is Cause; conditions are the effect.

You build your consciousness and in turn alter conditions by the activities, attitudes and mindset that dominate your day. Meditating for an hour each morning or visualizing twice a day helps very little if you don’t carry that realization into your day.

Praying for a breakthrough and immediately taking on a conversation with another that affirms the absence of the breakthrough is perhaps the biggest reason people think prayers are not answered.

I have come to the realization that the activities, actions and mindset filling up my daily life are the very reason my reality shapes itself as it does. If manifesting more wealth and prosperity is something that eludes you, then it’s time to consider a new perspective.

The big revelation that freed me:


I discovered that unless I was willing to be more focused and diligent with my daily disciplines and the manner in which I approached my normal activities, no big changes would take place in my world.

As I learned to renew my mind and step into prosperous thinking, I found that my results had stalled not because I was paying some karmic debt but because my consciousness was still unchanged. Theoretically I had planted the seed of my desire but in daily practice I kept choking it to death because much of my days were spent in the consciousness of the absence of the very thing I desired.

And so the first thing you must do is develop daily disciplines that will enable you to practice actively being in the mindset, attitude and awareness that promotes the presence of your desired outcome.

Carrying on the right attitude always leads to the right behavior and alignment with natural laws for the manifestation of the desired objective no matter how big or small.

Here are some of the daily practices I use to stay aligned, inspired and in the right consciousness. When I do so, my energy and confidence remain high and I can accomplish more things with joy and grace. Add them to your current routine and I guarantee you will experience the successful results you were destined to have.

8 simple yet powerful practices for manifesting wealth and prosperity to integrate into your current routine

Notice what you are noticing

Nothing is more powerful during the renewing of your mind than learning to notice what you are noticing. Many of us aren’t even remotely aware of the kind of thoughts and inner dialogue we’re constantly engaged in throughout the day.

As you go through your day {especially when money is involved}, you might notice yourself thinking negative thoughts such as: “I could never afford that,” “there’s no way I’ll ever get that,” or “who am I kidding?”

These limiting beliefs are the result of negative programming from your childhood and no longer serve you. If such thoughts arise in your mind, as you become aware of them, simply let them go. Don’t fight or argue with the thought; just release it.

Notice what you’re noticing and then practice one of the various release techniques that most resonate with you. If you would like some help with this or if you want to learn the 7 step release method I use with my clients during our prosperity detox, get yourself into this complimentary session.

Re-train your mind to see abundance and prosperity everywhere

Are you the kind of person who notices what’s wrong with the world and people or what’s right with them? Are you more inclined to good news or bad news?

It’s very important to begin practicing the discipline of consciously training your mind to notice and give more attention to the positive, uplifting and abundant things in your life.

For example, if you’re talking a walk, give more attention to the beautiful trees and flowers. Notice something beautiful in someone else and focus more on the abundance already present in your world.

Simply observing nature will reveal an infinite storehouse of abundance. The sun is a perfect demonstration of great abundance, so are the billions of leaves on a tree. By the way, even the air you breath is a powerful symbol of the abundance that’s available in your life.

Unless we get into the habit of tuning our minds to this perspective, we lock ourselves out of heaven. It may not always be easy especially if you’ve grown up in poverty consciousness but that’s why we make it a daily discipline.

Take a prosperity class and self-educate everyday

The same way your physical body needs daily nourishment, so too does your mind. You are ever feeding your mind on a daily basis based on the conversations, thoughts, activities and habits you engage in.

For majority of the population in our world, a mental diet is paramount if we are to change the conditions in our lives. Each day I encourage you to feed on the right kind of food mentally. Food that will enable you to develop that mind, enhance your mental faculties and unlock the hidden power within you.

The first place to start if you truly wan to start manifesting wealth and prosperity is to change your current mental diet. Take a prosperity class at the very least and learn how to shift into prosperous thinking.

Unfortunately, most of us are conditioned into scarcity thinking. All you need to do is observe your life and take note of the conversations you have with friends and family to see just how much of a prosperous thinker you really are.

Prosperity classes or personal prosperity coaching are an ideal way of getting to know the standard set-point that your mind has set as it’s normal reality.

If your prosperity temperature is set too low then it doesn’t really matter how much physical effort you make to change your life, it will always be accompanied by lots of strain, struggle and instability.

Aside from the prosperity classes or intimate coaching on prosperity, make it your way of life to always spend a few minutes each day self-educating in some way. Some days you can feast on a little education to help you improve your professional skills. Other days can be geared toward studying something valuable that will grow your business. But in all days, let there be food that nourishes your soul and brings in more clarity about the game of life and how you can best play it.

What are you listening to when you’re driving? Cleaning the home? What about while sorting out paperwork in the office or even during your workout? Feed yourself content that is going to help you long-term.

Make this a daily practice and manifesting wealth and prosperity will become the most natural thing for you.

If you need a little help with the prosperity classes, we can help.


Choose a better-feeling thought

When you catch yourself reacting to a person or situation with disappointment, resentment, frustration, or anger, STOP. Consciously shift your focus to thoughts that make you feel a more positive emotion.

Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your circumstances. So the best way to change your experience is by focusing on thoughts that raise your vibration and allow you to become a vibrational match for the experiences you want to attract into your life.

For example, if you want to be happier, focus your thoughts on things that bring you joy! Whether that be your child, the love of your life or an upcoming vacation. Give yourself a little break and act on the things you love to do, such as petting your dog or listening to your favorite music. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Taking some time everyday to focus on the goodness that’s in your life is absolutely critical. The more you feel and live in the awareness of gratitude and appreciation, the more you tune yourself into that ever-increasing channel of prosperity.

All you need to do is simply spend a few minutes connecting with all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Your health, children, work, clients, clean running water, electricity, pets, friends.

Everyone is different and there’s no wrong or right time to perform your gratitude practice. There’s also not one perfect way of doing it. The only thing that matters is how you feel and how emotionally attached to the practice you become.

Personally, morning time works best for me after my mediation as I also like to note down my intentions for the day. But you can choose to do it before bed, during your lunch break, as you drive around, it really doesn’t matter.

In the famous movie “ the secret” we first heard of a gratitude rock, which one can use to help cultivate this practice. It can be a great reminder for you as you carry it along. Or you can take moments out of your day to write either in a journal or on your smartphone what you’re feeling grateful for.

What matters is you find a way that most aligns with your personality and brings you into closer touch with the divine goodness surrounding you.

There are several apps nowadays that can help make this daily discipline quite fun. Especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur. Check this one out on iTunes. I have used it for a while now and it’s absolutely awesome.

No matter what your situation, there are always things to be grateful for. And even when things don’t feel so good or when they seem to be going wrong, we can always be grateful in the situation. This opens us up to a new dimension of processing reality. The more you adapt this way of being as a lifestyle, the richer your life will be.

Get into the habit of recording your daily miracles

This is a practice I recently started and it’s proving to be worth the effort. Each night I am accountable to myself to take note of at least one miracle that I spotted throughout my day.

At first it felt really hard because I was so accustomed to associating miracles with big dramatic stuff like cancer healing, wine turning into water and so on. But a revelation came to me as I was basking in the sun where I suddenly realised something.

The positioning of the sun, the perfect alignment of the earth and other planets that make it possible for me to enjoy the sun without being destroyed is one of the most neglected miracles. Then I began to wonder, how many other miracles am I always skipping by as I go through my day?

I haven’t quite mastered this practice yet. Some days my little intellect still struggles to connect with its potency but for the most part, I am sustaining it and the power it’s producing in me is immense. I do this right before falling asleep so that I can ensure my energy rests in the right state.

You can choose to do it at any time and you may write the miracles down or just say them out loud. I recommend keeping a small miracle journal. Consider how awesome it will be to sit a year from now and look back at all the miracles you’ve been blessed to experience. If that’s not a practice that draws you into the floodgates of prosperity, I don’t know what is!

Try it out for at least six weeks and let me know what you experience as a result.

Celebrate those who are demonstrating wealth

This was a hard one for me! I grew up in an environment with a lot of envy and jealousy.

What I didn’t realize is the fact that these very states poison any goodness that is trying to make its way into my life.

After doing a lot of work on myself and truly shifting into a prosperous thinker, I noticed something would happen each time I would encounter someone who was succeeding.

As an example, I can recall coming across an advertisement on the web that Tai Lopez had. He was giving away some cars. Even after years of working on myself, there was still residue that needed to be cleared out because I found myself calling him things such as “show off” and “too materialistic”… Ever found yourself thinking or speaking those words? Well let me share with you a little secret.

You can never be trusted with more favor and prosperity if you still Harbor any ill feelings toward another’s success. It doesn’t matter how you justify it! Anything less than complete celebration of another’s demonstration of success and prosperity actually throws you off the frequency of the very things you desire.

So the next time you catch yourself doing anything other than celebrating with and for another’s success, stop and take immediate action to pull yourself away from those lower energies.

There is only one Source of supply and if you can’t genuinely celebrate it’s appearance with an open heart whenever you get the chance, you won’t be able to enjoy as much abundance as you deserve.

So make it your daily practice to go out there actively looking for good news, successful people, rich people and celebrate their demonstrations without judgment or criticism.


Receiving is the same thing as giving, because giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. If you stop the flow of either, you interfere with nature’s intelligence.
Deepak Chopra – The seven spiritual laws of success.

Bless your bills, bank account, purse, wallet and all money

Many of us are often engulfed with feelings of anxiety, lack and ungratefulness when spending money. How can you possibly expect to succeed in magnetizing and manifesting wealth and prosperity when your relationship with money is centered on such emotions?

If you’re struggling with poor financial health, it would be wise to adjust your mental attitude and the emotions you have as you spend your money. Retrain your mind through practice to feel joyous when paying for your bills.

Eliminate from your thought process the awareness of “how little is left in the account” and instead focus on blessing the money that you have sent out and the money that remains. The only way to multiply something is by focusing more on what is at hand. That’s how Jesus was able to perform his miracle of feeding 5,000 people and that’s how you can start improving your financial state too.

As often as you find yourself reaching for your wallet, purse or bank account to circulate money, do it freely, generously and fiercely. Know that you are already an abundant being!

This is of course not something that will come naturally to you and one must not weary in the practice if the first few times of trial seem to bring no immediate manifestation. Keep at it and again, work on shifting into a prosperity mindset.

There more your conscious mind becomes accustomed to feeling joyful and at ease with the topic of money, the faster your money story will heal and more channels of abundance will reveal themselves.

A healthy relationship with money will enable you to become a magnet to all kinds of riches that supersede material wealth.

A final thought…

We all know our modern society is ruled by the possession of money which means the biggest obstacle to happiness, health and harmony is money. If you can align yourself with the natural laws for manifesting wealth and prosperity and cultivate the right consciousness around this topic, there can be on end to the wonderful demonstrations you’ll make within your life.

When you make a commitment to practice these simple disciplines each day, your confidence will increase. You will approach your days and financial goals with a new frame of mind.

Believe that manifesting wealth and prosperity is not only a possibility for you, it’s already in progress – and it will be. You can also use daily prosperity treatments to help you develop these disciplines and become a magnet for prosperity. Schedule in a short breakthrough call for your prosperity and learn how to create and customize your very own prosperity treatments.


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