2 Childhood Beliefs That Sabotage Your Online Entrepreneurial Success

If you are a mompreneur struggling to build, run and grow your business, you definitely need work on these 2 childhood beliefs that sabotage your online entrepreneurial success

Rarely have I come across individuals who claim the game of business is easy. Success in any aspect of this game we call life doesn’t seem to come easy especially in business.

I know that might sound like a pessimistic statement, but it really isn’t. Actually what I am attempting to do is position your frame of mind rightly so you can step into the center stage strong and courageous enough to secure your victory.

If you want to win big in life and in business, you’ve got to stop using the criterion of “is it easy or not?”

Rather, start basing your decisions on whether it’s worthwhile pursuing and whether or not it will help unleash your full potential.

In many cases, I find that going after your online entrepreneurial success meets the second criterion perfectly! Which is why I am such a huge advocate for developing an entrepreneurial mindset whether you choose to maintain your corporate status or not.

However, there is one major problem I feel we must address especially those of us who are working hard to achieve online entrepreneurial success with no friends, degrees or any prior business education.

I know for many mompreneurs this is often the case. But this article isn’t just for women in business. 

It is specially created for YOU – dear reader – regardless of your industry and niche. Because by entering into my site to read this, implies you are either consciously or subconsciously seeking to release some hidden beliefs that might be sabotaging your entrepreneurial success. That’s exactly what we are going to help you release.

Why are so many ambitious digital entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants struggling?

Surely it isn’t due to a lack of demand. The Internet is booming and the digital revolution is gaining momentum with each passing day.

There has never been a more opportune time for you to step into your greatness and boldly claim your spot as an entrepreneur. And yet one of my current favorite business mentors, Neil Patel says that the results sing to a different tragic tune. In the midst of all the hype from the smooth talking marketers, experts confirm that only 1 out of 10 entrepreneurs actually succeed.

I mean come on!😲 At least give me a little gasp.

That’s crazy, right?

In a society that is working harder than ever before, dreaming bigger than ever before – what the heck is going?!? How can those numbers be right?


I tell you what those numbers are silently whispering to us:


We are still entering into the role of entrepreneur with old mindsets.

I mean helloooo. A bomb waiting to happen right there because we fail to recognize that old-outdated mindsets cannot serve us anymore.

We are still working with a wrong premise when it comes to freedom, happiness and wealth.

Another time-bomb. An active poverty consciousness is like a dark shadow which will continue to follow us wherever we go unless and until we enter into the light.

We are still held in bondage by deeply rooted sense of inadequacy.

This comes from an underdeveloped mind and lower levels of consciousness which strongly feel a sense of “not enoughness”. So even if we are taking massive action, the overwhelm, doubts, insecurities, identity crisis and all kinds of drama still get the best of us.

With all these bombs on the verge of going off, is it any wonder the struggle feels so real? 

This is just a fraction of the list I came up with after discovering some of the alarming results and conditions most entrepreneurs are dealing with.

The good new is, while it may feel like the struggle is happening outside of you, it’s really all taking place within. It’s not the Facebook ads or lack of clients. In truth, it’s the hidden active beliefs that sabotage your online entrepreneurial success and growth.

Why is this important?

Well, if you want to become independently wealthy, self-sufficient and free, you can’t afford to run your life as the majority of the population do. You must change and do something different if you want a lifestyle by design.

Your viewpoint needs to shift and your approach to business, wealth and especially your clients will require a dramatic makeover. Which brings me to the main feature of this article.

If you know that you have done the work, improving yourself as best you can and truly grow your business strategically yet you can’t seem to catch even a tiny breakthrough in your entrepreneurial success, then it’s time to dive deeper into your life.

Surprisingly, the obstacle that might still be standing in your way is so simple and ridiculous you’ll probably burst out with a giggle once you find out what it is. And I won’t even make you aware of just one, but two, childhood beliefs that could be sabotaging your hard work.

The Key to moving forward is becoming aware of what’s active in your belief system.

Then you have the power of choice. Meaning you can decide to work on changing them by choosing a new set of beliefs and ideas. But only if you consciously increase your awareness of the current programming.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s uncover and discard 2 of the biggest childhood beliefs that sabotage your online entrepreneurial success

By the way, I really had to work on myself to overcome these beliefs too. So, don’t get discouraged if you keep catching yourself off-track. Fall down eight times, get back up nine.

A Strong Belief in Separation and mistrust of others

This is especially important for us as online entrepreneurs because the internet is a lot about trust and bridging that gap of separation. Yet do you know social media is still creating separation, skepticism and so on?

Be more observant of the current mainstream media and the kind of information that tends to go viral. It won’t take too long to realize we still have a lot of growing up to do mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

As a digital entrepreneur, you’ve got to work on that because it will create a glass ceiling for you. To simplify this paradigm even further. Please complete the following statement:

Do Not talk to...X...


If the end of that statement naturally played itself out for you even without giving it much thought, then you definitely have that stored programming in your mind.

As a mother, this is one of the habits I had to continuously smack myself out of while I was grooming my daughter in the early years. The moment she was able to interact with the world, I came face to face with my conditioned belief of skepticism, mistrust and “hoping for the best but expecting the worst” approach. 

It created a massive inner turmoil. So, as with all the other demons that I’ve learned to fight, I had to clear that attachment and belief from within. It took a lot of effort, but in the end, it has worked wonders because my daughter {now entering into her teens} is very much a lover of people.

She approaches unfamiliar faces with the heart and kindness of a long-lost friend and regardless of what other parents believe – that is the kind of mindset I want her to have.

Now, let’s see how this affects your online entrepreneurial success.

Whether you are a parent or not, you probably grew up conditioned into a similar belief. If you are a parent, it’s highly likely that you’ve raised your offspring with that same paradigm unless you’ve consciously done the inner work for many years.

The bottom line is, if you’ve grown up hearing, entertaining and even teaching such ideas – those become your biggest obstacles when you step into the role of entrepreneurship.


Because first and foremost, what does an entrepreneur do? Seek and engage with….

If you said, strangers, 🙂 You’re keeping up with my vibe here.

Relationship building and growing a thriving business isn’t about getting your friends and family to buy your products and services. You’ll never gain financial freedom if the only game plan you have is to get your family, friends, and ex-colleagues to support your business.

It will require a deep, authentic interaction with so-called strangers. And yet, hidden deep within is this uncomfortable feeling that arises through that 6yr old who still views the world through her mothers’ eyes.

That conflicted energy only results in a stagnant online business. Procrastination, overwhelm loss of enthusiasm, low-quality clients or clients who “prove your mistrust right” keep showing up.

Still with me?


Here’s what you need to do:

Uncover it and discard it by releasing it from your conscious and subconscious mind. You can do this through spoken word or written declaration.
Here’s a simple treatment you could use:

Up until now, I have viewed life and people from an old lens. But now I know better. I choose to see Souls rather than strangers and I open myself up to receiving and serving the right people, in the right way with my gifts, skills, and business.

Let’s tie this in with the second childhood programming that’s killing your online entrepreneurial success


A False and Negative Energetic Connection with Money

Along with that very deeply hidden mistrust of people and a keen egocentric approach that believes in separation, comes this next belief. Let’s see if you can finish this statement:

Never Ask People You DO NOT KNOW For...X...


I mean come on. Is it any wonder you have so much trouble pricing your services and products as high tickets?

I know many mompreneurs who are so good at creating wonderful products but when it comes to selling them the inner conflict that arises can be sensed a mile away. Giving it away is easier. But is it really giving when the only reason they can’t put a good price on it is that they fear no one will buy it?

I leave that up to you to chew on.

The law of giving and receiving is one very few entrepreneurs understand. But I encourage you to start making some adjustments in your life because if you truly want to see your business grow and thrive this season, these old limited beliefs cannot remain active any longer.


The Same process of uncovering and discarding applies here too.

Here’s a powerful treatment to use for this particular limiting belief:

Up until now, I was under the false belief that receiving money from another is something wrong or negative. But now, I know better and I choose to befriend money.

I know money is an idea in the mind of God. I acknowledge wealth is of God. And now that Infinite spirit has revealed better ways for me to serve and inspire others through the internet – I declare that all my blessings both in the form of money, gratitude and whatever else people give me, I will receive with a humble, joyful and thankful heart. I deserve all the good that the universe has in store for me and my business now demonstrates this truth.

The subtle mistakes that might be sabotaging your online entrepreneurial success:

I’ve seen time and time again. An otherwise ambitious, self-driven entrepreneur with a seemingly profitable business model and the heart of service struggle to produce prosperity and freedom. Being busy and being productive are two very different things.

Too many digital entrepreneurs are busy posting, promoting things in social groups, prospecting, networking and trying to “close” every single person they come across. But the numbers inside your email list and the amount of money coming into your bank consistently are ultimately what tell the truth about your online entrepreneurial success.

Think about that for a minute…

Now think about the kind of emotions you’re normally experiencing as you go about these activities and especially while you’re having conversations with your clients.

Does it normally feel effortless, fun, and simple to market and sell your products and services?

Do you naturally enjoy naming your price?

These are all clues that will be very useful now that you’re choosing to live as a consciously awakened entrepreneur. Prosperity with purpose is my thing. It is what my entire work focuses on because I believe that economic empowerment for us as modern individuals needs to be holistic.

And so as an entrepreneur, certain outdated hidden patterns only come to sabotage any outer efforts we might be making. We’ve gotta improve on that.

Talking to strangers and asking people for money is essentially what an entrepreneur does. If that has a negative connotation for you – then you’ve got to work on that! Work on softening your understanding of what a stranger is for your ego. Let your mind shift from that need to separate and mistrust the unknown and unfamiliar.

Then, really work on your definition and energetic connection with money. Because if money has a negative sting to it, you certainly won’t be good at getting those dream clients to offer you “this negative thing” called money.

Love begets love.

Learn to love people and see them as you see yourself. Then, learn to love and befriend money too. See it for what it really is in your life. Only then will the rest of your outer efforts naturally align and bear great fruits.

Of course, when it comes to subtle mistakes that many of us are making while reaching for success, the list is quite long. I’ve personally learned to overcome and outgrow many of these mistakes.

If you would like to dive a bit deeper into this perhaps uncover and discard even more major mistakes that many digital entrepreneurs are making, I have a wonderful resource for you. Not only that, if you’ve struggled to get things set up right in the online business world and you need a clear roadmap and opportunity to start creating multiple income streams, you’re in luck.

I get to share all that if you grab your complementary breakthrough call now. Hello, realistic opportunity for increasing your income this season! Yay 🙂

The wind-up:

By recognizing some of these early adopted beliefs and childhood conditioning that plague your entrepreneurial journey, you’re less likely to fall victim to them. My encouragement to you is don’t take this lightly. Work on releasing these ideas whether you think they apply to you or not.

Frequently invite your mind to work at letting you know if there are any similar ideas and patterns that might still be active from your upbringing.

The online space is all about energetic resonance. Unless you become a perfect match to ever-increasing wealth, prosperity consciousness, and effortless success, it’s going to be hard creating the impact and income you desire.

So keep working strategically toward your dreams and goals but make sure you’re simultaneously working on your mind.

That’s where the real game is being played anyway!

Now I would love to hear from you. Did any childhood beliefs or memories come up for you while you were reading this? Share with me your insights below and remember to click on your favorite share button as well and give this gift of awareness to a fellow entrepreneur who you feel deserves to enjoy freedom and success.

You are loved.

Janette Getui

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2 Childhood Beliefs That Sabotage Your Online Entrepreneurial Success