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Janette Getui about me

meet Janette Getui

I am Janette and you might say that I have one of the healthiest appetites for going after what the masses normally consider impossible!

I very affectionately welcome you to my platform and thank you so much for choosing to find out more about me and this awesome platform that we’ve created just for you. It’s exciting for me that we get to connect in this way thanks to technology! 

If you’ve made your way to this page, then I want to believe that you and I have quite a bit in common and I hope that my work and the ideas I want to share with you will absolutely draw out from you the kind of lifestyle and business you dream of…

If you’re anything close to how I used to be, then having a breakthrough and manifesting a life that you truly feel gives you absolute freedom and fulfillment is so vital to you and your loved ones…

One of the biggest obstacles we have today as the world continues to shift drastically has to be that of ensuring that prosperity and financial abundance continue flowing to us consistently.


Can we really become self-sufficient, prosperous individuals regardless of our past and short-comings?


We must end the struggle and the financial bondage because it was never meant to become a lifestyle that we endure! The wilderness phase even in scripture was only temporary for the Israelites – so why in the world do we stay in struggle and suffer generation after generation?!?


This becomes greatly amplified if like me you also care a lot about family and providing a great future for your child… So I want to assume that you being here means you’re very serious about creating a solid income that will be reliable, consistent and increase overtime so you can get out and live life fully, with confidence that your family and those you care about are well provided for.

But it isn’t just about having enough to take care of necessities, it’s about having all the abundance and prosperity that you can possibly handle to lead a meaningful lifestyle.


A lifestyle that I often refer to as the opulent kingdom lifestyle. Where you get to do meaningful work that touches lives, makes a difference and fulfils you.
A lifestyle of as much travel, luxury and enjoyment as you personally desire while at the same time effortlessly a producing more success which doesn’t come at the expense of things that matter most in life like health, happiness and relationships…

If this is why you are still on this website then it is my promise that I will do all I can to ensure I give you everything I’ve got to enable you to awaken and experience your unique version of a kingdom lifestyle…



A little trip back in time….

Meet Janette Getui

My story has been anything but graceful, and yet here I am still standing strong, better than ever… 

 I started off in the deep, dark slums of Kenya and on my personal website I do share a lot more about the personal journey I’ve had, so if you’d like to get more info on my life story you can always come pay me a visit on But in brief, I was that typical slum kid, always playing the victim card, driven by anger and hatred for everyone and everything.

Feeding on an overdose of fear, poverty, low self-esteem and so much more as you can imagine…To say that I used to be drenched in sin and pain is an understatement! It has been a very long journey to get to where I am today and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of unleashing all that I was really made to be.

It has been a very long journey to get to where I am today and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of unleashing all that I was really made to be.

But you know, the one thing that always left my heart aching despite my climb up into societal success was the fact that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, I still didn’t feel free even though I was physically not poor anymore and the worst part was my success was very inconsistent. It seemed to me that what people were saying about success was true: There’s no gain without pain.

Everything I was creating was at the cost of another, and my money issues were far from over. The fear of “not having enough” was still haunting me and each time I built my little empire, it found a way to come crashing down.

…..Was I missing something?

Talk about life being my best teacher! Everything I share in my work comes predominantly from the divine calling and guidance that I have received from life and our awesome creator. It hasn’t been easy I can assure you, but I do believe that I have found certain principles that can help you as they have helped me, to finally break free from the mental and spiritual bondage that might still be keeping you from the life you were meant to live.

It hasn’t been easy I can assure you, but I do believe that I have found certain principles that can help you as they have helped me, to finally break free from the mental and spiritual bondage that might still be keeping you from the life you were meant to live.


Inspired to step-up…

As you may have seen at the top of my page, I have a little princess that’s gorgeous, intelligent and getting better each year. She’s my daughter whom I conceived during my first marriage which, actually turned out perfectly well in the end after it ended 🙂

Sounds ironical but it’s true… Although my first husband is today one of my greatest friends, we are certainly happy I had enough courage to walk away from our marriage when I did because it was really not meant to be.

But that’s a story for another day because as you can see, I have been through almost all bad case scenarios whether we are talking about finances, relationships, health – everything!

The point I want to make here is regarding the impact that my daughter has had in my life. You see as she grew, the desire to find a way in which I could secure a bright future for her started turning into torment. 

After coming from a family lineage where no woman had ever experienced financial independence, I realized that my greatest fear was that of this beautiful, intelligent daughter that I conceived out of my own will, having to fall victim to the same paradigms that have continued to paralyze me and so many women.

The only difference between me and the women I grew around was that my way of doing life was always different, so rather than solely pray and encourage her to stay in school, get a good job, find a rich man or all the other common advice we hear – I made the decision to become more bold and figure out this idea of becoming financially independent.

I reckoned if one person has done it, anyone else could. And why not make that person me?!?

It was a big risk given my “lack of everything” that society considers mandatory when one desires to create success, but like I said, show me what’s impossible and if I believe it’s worth dying for – I run right toward it…

In this particular case, it was becoming independently wealthy and creating a self-sustaining activity that could add value to others as well as give me the necessary skills to become a financially thriving entrepreneur so that I could pass the same knowledge down to my child + an awesome model view of life and it’s infinite goodness.

Big dream? Absolutely.. Logical? not really considering my starting point, but I wasn’t going to allow any of the facts stop me from reaching for the stars 🙂

….And long story short, the journey began which has ultimately grown to this point in time where I launched this platform from which you’re reading this.


The Great Calling:

Birth of Bold, Beautiful Blissful U

I am sure that my life would have been good even if I had settled for the previous path that I had created (being taken care of by a loving partner and agreeing to finally remarry after declining several engagements), but it wouldn’t have been “awesome”.

I wouldn’t have discovered my true calling, my passion, my authenticity if I hadn’t chosen to model the kind of freedom based lifestyle that I wished for my daughter.

…And because the digital revolution proved to be the future, I made it my business 🙂 After all, if I don’t do it who will?


And so today, my invitation is for you to model the kind of life you want your children to be bold enough to pursue.

Working your buns off to save money so they can inherit some in the hopes that they will have a better future isn’t sufficient.

Today we know that there is no such thing as job security, so how do you expect them to become rich if you haven’t taken any action to teach them the fundamentals and principles of being rich?

How can you expect them to always have more than enough money to pay their bills, mortgages, fees, medical care and still have enough to buy whatever they want whenever they want – if you won’t make an effort to model that example?

Your paradigms will become their default and if you don’t work on changing the beliefs you have around money, getting rich, happiness and love, they will have such a heavy burden to deal with when their time comes.

I believe that your freedom will ensure their freedom; and freedom has always been at top of my list. But freedom isn’t just about material success, there’s more to it than that. It’s about a mental and spiritual release from a bondage that many of us get conditioned into during our formative years.

So as it turns out, this freedom that many of us crave is double sided because there definitely needs to be work done on the outside and some strategies and systems implemented but there also needs to be an awakening and developing of certain psychological powers.

Certain spiritual gifts need to be reclaimed and a certain intimate relationship needs to be healed and restored back to life before real lasting freedom can be enjoyed by an individual.

In the end, we will discover that we must find a way to make the spiritual and the material align and work in perfect harmony within us as individuals for the kingdom lifestyle to be fully realised…

And that’s why I teamed up with SFM and decided to establish this platform and be part of a community where we could collaborate, share and build businesses and successes that constitute real freedom.

Listen, the only thing I am so ridiculously aware of is this:

I just don’t know anything! There is so much to learn about how life really works, there’s so much to learn about marketing strategies and profit building, there’s so much to learn about relationships, health, love, sex and money. This list could go on and on, but I’m sure you catch where I’m going with this… There’s just so much for us to discover as children of this universe and the more I tune into that sacred power that guides me, the more I realise how little I know. So I’m not here to pretend that I will give you all the answers, but I am here to promise you that I will do my best to show you the goodness that surrounds our world, the prosperity that can be yours and the opportunities that can be ceased by you, so that you can finally produce your version of heaven on earth.

Let’s make you self-sufficient and end struggle in your life

I don’t pretend to know everything about technology or building a business, but I am certainly the queen of breakthroughs and shifting mindsets.

Joining my community within SFM ensures that you get to enjoy the best of both the spiritual side of success and the strategic side of building a business because when it comes to the latest online marketing, traffic building, software tools and all that stuff, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to overcoming poverty consciousness and breaking the mental, emotional and spiritual chains that have robbed so many of us the kind of results we really desire; when it comes to real transformational breakthroughs that are not hyped or masked, when it comes to seeing miracles, I’ve got you covered!

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than being able to serve at this level because I always wanted to be rich and feel good about it… and now I am but even more, I can trust that my daughter and all who come after me, will never have to endure or feel trapped and imprisoned in the fear that encapsulated my life. This is why I hope you’re here to – It’s what I hope with all my heart you want in your life, in your family, in your world. 

If this resonates with you in some way then let this be your moment in time where you finally live life on your terms. We would love to show you how and I definitely look forward to knowing you and sharing more of my journey with you. Like I said, it’s not every day a former slum girl lands on a digital business success story, so writing out each detail of my story would be way too long.

On my personal website there’s a lot more about me and the work that I do with my coaching ministry, the books I’ve written and so on.. And yes, from a girl who started off in the deep dark slums without a home, I turned out pretty well off and today I wake up to a gorgeous sea view in the European Riviera.

But I know that God hasn’t blessed me as an exception to the rule; only to be an example and proof that you can rewrite your destiny and reclaim the riches, beauty and abundance that was always meant to be yours.

Learn all about our platform, SFM and why I created this Here

For now, I send you so much appreciation for taking the time to read more about me and if I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me or schedule a free consultation here.




I would love to offer you some Free Gifts that will really help you shift your current conditions and show you how simple it can be to create a freedom based lifestyle and freedom by leveraging the current digital economy that’s emerging…

After all, the internet future is now here and now is the best time to start planting the right seeds that will produce the kind of harvest you want your children to enjoy.