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We are here to serve and bring the knowledge of freedom and divine prosperity within the reach of any individual who’s ready and bold enough to step up and step out of the status quo.

If you have the desire to transform your life, your family’s future and the world you live in, we want to show you how to live life on your terms.

The old notion that only people with a certain criteria can enjoy success and prosperity is something we have challenged and proven ineffective.

The idea that financial prosperity and security depends on your employer, your partner or the formal education that you did or didn’t get will no longer keep you stuck in a lifestyle that you abhor.  

If, you have made the decision to join us and to design your own freedom based digital lifestyle and quite frankly, it’s about damn time you got fed up of settling for a life that is less than what you feel you came here for!

We are here to help you do something amazing and that is: align your material world with your spiritual origins. We want to help you lead from the heart while still liaising with the head because I believe both are essential in producing ever-increasing prosperity.

That way, your success, your freedom, your financial wealth will be real, lasting and sustainable.

This is the one of a kind platform where spiritual success gets incorporated into world class strategies and a business model that has already been proven to produce massive results across the globe.

We’re here to give you the tools, training, resources and a gorgeous community that will support you and help you succeed in the online world – why serve a business until retirement  or resign yourself to not pursuing your own sources of income when we can show simple and effective ways of becoming self-sufficient today and make businesses serve you instead!


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Janette Getui and the bold beautiful blissful u platform is on a mission to help all individuals especially fellow parents who are wanting and willing to awaken their inner giant and leverage the technologies that are available today thanks to the digital economy.

In the words of Janette Getui…

I want to teach men and women of their divine origin and miraculous powers hidden within them. I want to us all to remember that this power is within each of us and that we are meant to be our own saviours. We are capable of achieving our very own salvation and it’s about time the people stuck in the streets, the women who get over-burdened and suppressed and all those who’ve spent a lifetime of struggle, it’s time to learn of the great wonders within. 

We want you to educate, empower and prosper yourself and your family in ways that you never thought possible but, we actually want that to be done in a manner that increases your health, happiness and the overall well-being of our world.

We are built on a bedrock of love, a passion for going after what others consider impossible, proving that all things are possible in God and absolutely committed to be an unstoppable force for expressing and revealing the goodness of the living spirit. 

Through our free content, our free and paid online training programs and any other cool stuff that we might offer – we’re in this to anchor one core message that Janette lives by. And that is: The living spirit is only goodness!

We’re in this to make a difference in our own way and we want to help you design a life and business you absolutely love.

A life that Janette calls the kingdom lifestyle that is founded on higher awareness and core principles that ensure you receive divine prosperity and real freedom.
It is the kingdom lifestyle of freedom, prosperity, love and fulfilment that you were made for.
Janette believes strongly that once you discover the person that the living spirit made you to be, you will never again seek to be someone else or compromise the dreams and desires that burn in your heart.

Whether you have struggled all your life to find that alignment between the spiritual and material world, whether you’ve always felt not good enough or wondered if it was possible for you to make your dreams come true and actually become independently wealthy, we are here to help awaken and reach the highest levels of satisfaction spiritually as well as materially.

Yes this is a business and we sell stuff and we are definitely proud of all things that we offer both for free and for sale.

We are deeply grateful that we are able to earn a great living doing this work, and we put in just as much love and effort in things that we create and give 100% for free or those that we charge for. If you would like to know more about the birth story behind this platform as well as meet Janette and get to know her a bit more, so you can see what drives her to keep serving you in this unique way – read this.

If you’re still here reading this, then we certainly hope that this would be the start of something amazing and we look forward to knowing you and being your companion as you finally learn how to tap into your divine prosperity.

The best place to start is always through joining our digital family and connecting more directly with Janette because she would love to know more about you.

The best place to start and the optimum way we can all get to know each other and give Janette a chance to share with you some amazing ideas is through signing up for the awesome weekly path to prosperity and rewriting destiny insider that only our digital family gets to receive. – Simply enter your name & email address- 

In case you didn’t know, becoming part of our digital family doesn’t mean you’ll be bombarded with emails every single day from us. As you might have heard, although Janette runs a digital company, she spends as much time as she can offline and she’s not really active on social media.

So much of her priceless teachings and secrets are only known by those who are on the inside 🙂 Normally she personally sends out an email once a week with one powerful lesson to boost you into your breakthrough. At the moment it’s happening on thursdays and unless there’s something more that’s important and time sensitive.

Having teamed up with the digital business platform that makes it possible for you to simultaneously create your freedom based digital lifestyle, you also have the chance to sign up for free world class trainings that are going to show you immediately how you can start creating what we call a passion business.

If you would like to know more about this beautiful collaboration that has made the birth of the bold, beautiful, blissful u platform to become alive and  unstoppable – check this out and find out how we roll, when it comes to ensuring you merge the spiritual and the physical side of success so you can have the freedom lifestyle you always dreamed about.

Thank you so much for taking the time to connect and visit our platform… We are overjoyed that our paths have aligned and look forward to our journey ahead.

We believe those we care about will have the luxury and joy of enjoying a really awesome lifestyle thanks to our boldness and commitment to creating more freedom, more love, more joy and more prosperity… Shall we begin? 

Click Here for a list of current courses that are active and ready for you to start taking advantage of so you can thrive and transform your life and business.

Janette Getui