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About us

What we believe


Prosperity is NOT about crying to God, asking Him to please give us more money.

Prosperity is about crying to God, asking Him to give us a way to serve His other children in a satisfying way.

01. Bold



Webster’s definition:

(of a person, action, or idea)

showing a wilingness to take risks; confident and corageous.

My definition:

Having that deep knowing that something ineffable, compassionate, infinitely powerful, magical, and life-giving is with you and moving through you with every action you take. 

02. Beautiful



Webster’s definition:

Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. 

My definition:

Being gracious, full of energy and vitality, and radiating freely your authentic expression of the divine mystery that gives rise to love, kindness, and a sense of connection that is simply magnetic and attracting you to everything that is pleasing.

03. Blissful



Webester’s definition:

Extremely happy; full of joy.

My definition:

Finally being in your expansive, natural state, of allowing, receiving, and enjoying of all the joy, freedom, peace, love, health, and wealth that life has to offer through your own individual path of least resistance.

How We Got Started

 The Bold Beautiful Blissful U platform came to life as a result of Janette’s burning desire and passion to understand the Truth about God, riches, business success, love and life.

The inner conflicts and battles encountered as she strived to rise from deep poverty physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually have become priceless lessons in the discovery of how true prosperity is manifested…




Our platform was designed with one intention. To prove that indeed, with God all things are possible.

Divinely led into the realization that Boldness, Beauty and Bliss were crucial ingredients to self-mastery and manifesting a life of true opulence, we’ve accepted this great commission to openly share lessons, resources and tools that we’eve used and continue to use on this path of self-mastery and understanding the mind.


Our Mission

Built on a bedrock of love and a passion for going after what others consider impossible, we’re here to help you integrate spiritual truths with world-class business strategies so you can become economically empowered, self-sufficient and spiritually matured.

The journey is long, the valleys are deep; we all still have a lot to learn about God, money, love and how we individually fit into this universal web of life.

This platform is to be a righteous secret garden with a watering well, to help you quench your thirst.

Proven Success

Yes, this is a business...

And we sell stuff to make money. We are definitely proud of all things that we offer both for free and paid.
We are deeply grateful that we do earn a great living doing this work, and we put in just as much love and effort in things that we create and give 100% for free or those that we charge for.


Revenue Increase in the last 12 months


Return clients

Digging deeper into the founder

A passion to empower, educate

I’m a family woman and although I like to keep my age classified, suffice it to say, I have been around a while, seen a lot, done a lot and my passion for wealth and opulence was definitely the driving factor behind the creation of this website.

If you would like to know more about the birth story behind this platform as well as my in-depth story, so you can see what drives me to keep serving you in this unique way – read this.

Bold beautiful blissful U is a resource run by me, Janette Getui to teach and share with you proven strategies and ancient wisdom teachings that will empower you to become self-sufficient and prosperous.

 Who is Janette Getui and what gives her the right to even talk about any of this stuff?

If you’re still here, then I certainly hope this will be the start of something amazing and I look forward to knowing you and being your companion as you finally learn how to tap into your divine prosperity.


In the plain words of Janette Getui...

I am passionate about economic empowerment and self-sufficiency. I want to teach men and women of their divine origin and miraculous powers hidden within them. I want to us all to remember that this power is within each of us and that we are meant to be our own saviors. We are capable of achieving our very own salvation and it’s about time the people stuck in the streets, the women who get over-burdened and suppressed and all those who’ve spent a lifetime of struggle, it’s time to learn about the great wonders within.

Food for your mind when it comes to prosperity.

If you’ve been battling silently with the question of prosperity and whether or not it’s virtuous to be really rich financially, feast on this understanding…

Becoming rich and prosperous is the inevitable, natural outcome of a good, loving, Father-Mother God who wants to bless human beings with a great blessing of prosperity in return for them fulfilling His wish, which is, being obsessively pre-occupied with filling the needs and desires of fellow human beings.

We are here to help you do something amazing and that is: align your material world with your spiritual origins. We want to help you lead from the heart while still liaising with the head because I believe both are essential in producing ever-increasing prosperity.
In so doing, your success, freedom and financial prosperity will be real, lasting and sustainable.

A lay of the land to help you focus

What We Do Best

Paradigm Shift

If you don’t yet know, your paradigms are controlling the amount of money you make, the level of success and health you get to enjoy and how much love you experience in your life.

What beliefs are running the show in your life and business?

Download this beginners guide to understand paradigms and belief systems.

prosperous thinking

Do you know the difference between positive thinking and prosperous thinking?

They are actually not identical. And while very similar, prosperous thinking is the sure way to effortlessly manifest luxury and opulence.

Here is a long list of resources that teach you how to cultivate prosperous thinking.

Mind power

It all begins with the mind. The game of life isn’t a physical game.

The sooner you learn to harness the power of your mind, the sooner you’ll manifest your dream lifestyle.

This is where I suggest you begin if mind power is what you need.


The only way to rise to the top is through developing the leader within you.

Getting more intentional and clear about your desires and objectives doesn’t come easy for most of us. If you’ve struggled with that, you’re not alone.

Here’s something that will help with that.

business secrets

If you don’t believe that making money and serving people go hand in hand, it’s time for some new lessons.

Business is just as holy as preaching. 

Getting highly paid for serving others is very noble, and there are many ways by which you can create impact and income.

Start here to learn more.

universal laws of life

The game of life is governed by immutable universal laws that cannot be manipulated or controlled by willpower.

Are you a devoted personal development student still struggling to apply the manifestation secrets you were taught?

This section is definitely for you.

Let’s Start Something Bold & Beautiful together!

Do you have a powerful message, book or training that you believe will transform the life of a first-generation wealth builder? Say hello! Let’s feature your work and serve God’s prospering children.