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When embarking on a quest for self-sufficiency, financial prosperity, and success as a mumpreneur…

There are three very important questions I believe every mum having a business needs to quietly ask herself. Failure to gain clarity on these questions could create a major block in your path of financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur.

These three questions are:
Does a sense of struggle, strain, worry and anxiety around my business accompany me throughout the day?

Meaning – do I often expect things to get hard before I can succeed?

What do I really believe about success, my source of supply and my ability to actually become independently wealthy?

Meaning – deep within,what feelings are running my subconscious mind?

Am I still feeling like I do not have the strength, stability and power to establish my thriving business unaided by others especially family members?

I have come to discover in conversations and masterminds with female entrepreneurs that despite the strong front they put up on social media and so on, deep down there’s a very strong sense of insecurity, weakness, instability and confusion about financial independence. There continues to be a strong grasp of fear and uncertainty over their business victory.

Usually, the intellectual mind gets that “you are able” and “you can become financially independent and prosperous.” But your emotions are often singing a different melody, isn’t it?

One of the first steps to dissolving any and all these blocks is to stop downplaying that deeply rooted feeling of discomfort and insecurity. The more you try to sweep it under the carpet, the more dominant it becomes. So if you truly desire financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur, it’s about time to put all the cards on the table and bring some order and harmony to your inner world.

The male species may have set an example of creating wealth through willpower and force alone but let me assure you, that is a path that will lead you further away from the prosperous life you seek.

Although each of us has both the male and female aspects of creation within us, our true strength and path to wealth will not be found in following the status quo. There is a very deliberate reason for your physical manifestation as a woman {representing the feminine energy}. The sooner you learn to harness that energy and bring harmony to the male and female energies within you, the sooner your wealth and business can boom.

Not only that, you will realize that indeed you can have it all when the approach to life and business takes on this higher perspective. In other words, to win, you want to stop playing a small game like an ego-driven man and start playing a big game like a divine woman.

Answering those three questions are a great starter so let’s invest a little time diving deeper to find out why this matters.

The worry and anxiety syndrome common alike to all mothers:


I’m a mother it’s my job to worry!

...Ever heard or said that statement before?

Since time immemorial, mothers have been known to be the caring, nurturing ones. This is true and very good. Expect – that caring and nurturing thing has been attached to worry, anxiety and strain.

A good mother has to worry about her children right?

Perhaps that statement is just as effective in creating a prosperous life as the ancient false belief that money is the root of all evil.

Motherhood seems to be an open club for worry, anxiety, and strain in the name of being “a good caring person”.

Somehow society convinced us as mothers into thinking highly of these habits and we’ve been passing them on from generation to generation. Unfortunately today, these same patterns and habits could become your biggest obstacles if you want financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur.

A deeper look at how answers to these questions affect your ability to manifest financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur

Does a sense of struggle, strain, worry and anxiety around my business success accompany me throughout the day?
Meaning am I often catching myself expecting things to get hard before I can succeed?

If after going through the first question you felt a little nudge within you saying “well everyone does that!” Then, unfortunately, you’re unwittingly choking out your desires for a better lifestyle.

There’s a great deal of medical research that now proves just how devastating prolonged strain and worry can be for our bodies. Many illnesses such as ulcers, depression, high blood pressure and so on have already been associated with these habits and you can learn more about some of the fascinating medical research conducted here. But what I do want to make you aware of is how devastating these habits can be to your business as well.


Well, your mind works by principle. And whatever it consents to as true for you must become your experience of reality regardless of fundamental truth.

In other words, you are setting the standards of living for yourself and what I am finding many highly educated women doing is setting a standard and expectation of struggle and strain when it comes to important subjects such as children, money, and business.

Several clients come to me and openly share of their extended business experiences. Yet I have noted that when it is a female entrepreneur, the statement tends to be a theme of struggle and how slow and lacking finances were.

Overwhelm, anxiety and loneliness were high and financial reward remained ever low. This is no way to approach the game of life and certainly not the way to creating a thriving business.

It need not be an active pattern anymore in your life and there are simple practical prosperity treatments you can apply immediately to experience radical shifts.

Learn more about that and our upcoming live prosperity workshop here where we will be addressing this very topic.

Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui

What do I really believe about success, my source of supply and my ability to become independently wealthy?
Meaning – deep within, what feelings are running my subconscious mind?

If addressing the second question left you feeling disoriented and confused in some way, don’t worry you’re not alone. And if you’re one of those women with an overgrown ego that simply disregarded the question altogether, you’re also not alone.

Many of us have spent most of our lives conditioned to perceive and believe in external support, external sources of supply and limited resources.

I was really good at this in fact. Growing up in an African slum having inherited generations after generations of poverty consciousness, my limited awareness could win an award for best performance.:-)

The biggest myth around getting rich during my upbringing was that of possibly finding a rich man to marry who would then guarantee my happiness and security. Of course that story would require more than one article to tell but in essence, I have learned the hard way through more trial and error than you could imagine, how impossible it is to feel and be wealthy just by hanging out with or marrying a rich and wealthy man.

So whether your paradigm is attached to a man as your source of wealth or an employer, the end results are the same. It will create many blocks on your path of financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur unless and until you shift from that state of consciousness through a subconscious re-patterning. All of which, we will be discussing in detail during the next interactive prosperity workshop.

If you didn’t grow up in an environment where your sense of womanhood was grounded in truth, opulence and self-reliance then chances are, you’re not actively tuned to the real Source of your supply at a foundational level and that’s a big problem for the future of this empire your building.

After all, how can you possibly build a strong enduring empire without a true foundation?

Which is why the last question is also a big one for us as moms in business.

Am I still feeling like I do not have the strength, stability and power to establish my thriving business unaided by others especially family members?
In other words, do I feel like I have what it takes to see this through?

Do I perceive myself equally as capable as all the other successful businessmen and women that I admire?

More importantly, how often am I playing the victim with my spouse, children, and family in general as I find logical reasons for the stagnation of my dreams?

The one thing women seem to enjoy doing more than men is blaming the lack of progress on family ties. This isn’t to say men don’t do it also, but more often than not, women get a kick out of this.

I am part of a élite community for digital entrepreneurs where we mastermind weekly and each week there’ll be at least one woman who complains about here non-supportive husband or children.

Believe it or not, your kids, husband, parents or relatives who refuse to buy your products are not the reason you’re not creating financial breakthroughs. Neither is the lack of a perfect website nor a business coach. You are the problem and your business is merely telling the story of the blueprint you designed within your mind.

Your business is an extension of you and it will naturally grow and expand by the natural law of growth into the best expression it could be when the mind that designed it does a good job setting it up on the right foundation.

An individual carrying around a mind that is deeply rooted in the consciousness of fear, weakness and low self-worth cannot possibly build a business empire that withstands the storms of life.

Through willpower, the individual might force things into play for some time but as soon as he/she let’s go it will all come crumbling down.

Moreover, building a business from that level of consciousness is the breeding ground of poverty consciousness and stagnation of the only substance from which material wealth can be formed.

So learning how to step away from mass thinking into your true source of supply goes hand in hand with creating that unshakeable inner knowing which creates stability, self-sufficiency and authentic power. These are essential ingredients for any entrepreneur.

Thus if you’re truly in business to create financial prosperity and success as a mumpreneur, I’d say it’s time you deliberately assessed the kind of foundation you’ve set up this business upon.

Oh, and you know that wonderful thing we call faith that makes any kind of healing and manifestation possible? Yeah, you really need a huge dosage of that this year because business does require lots of active and abiding faith that is based on understanding.


Business success is more than just strategy. If that’s all it took, we would have more millionaire mumpreneurs than we currently do.

You must come to the realization that establishing the right state of consciousness and building your business from that is just as important as getting the right strategy.

So this isn’t about choosing one over the other, it’s learning how to align with both in a natural, graceful way. And yes, as a divine woman, it’s absolutely simple to do this.

Join us for the workshop by signing up for the next available complimentary online workshop and you’ll see just how simple it can be to step into the rich lifestyle.

If you know of a fellow mumpreneur who could use a little more support with creating breakthroughs, please share this with her now and give her the gift of making this year more prosperous.


Bold Beautiful Blissful U Janette Getui